Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods, and Bark

 Okay firstly, the fact that the word rods is in my title made me giggle like a 12 year old boy.  " She said rods"  I know, but that is what they are, so that is all I have to say about that.
The rods.

I used up a lot more sprinkles than I thought I would, but they tasted great.
 This is the second time I made these.  I made them a few weeks ago with Pork Chop and his friend, you know the one, the one who says any play date without a baking craft is just not good enough.  So I was tired, I was also making something else, whoopie pies I think, it is all a blur now.  And it was not a hit, it was okay.  I mean they turned out really great and tasted super yummy, it was just a big mess and my kid lost interest after 3 pretzels and the other kid shook sprinkles all over the floor.  So yeah, fun but not great.
I mixed them all together.
 So this time I wanted to make something for Pork Chops last hockey game of the season.  They are in last place I think, but you know what?  This is the first year for them playing actual positions, last year it was just a free for all.  But apparently in other leagues they play positions from the beginning.  What do I know, I am just excited when I know which way they are supposed to be skating.  So you know, I am there for support.  I even scream and yell and stuff, usually at the wrong time, but I am there.  And I try to bring treats, so that totally makes up for it.

 I feel sort of horrible though, this year I have my part time job so I miss a lot of the games.  I gave up on practices last year as they are as early as 6am.  I told Hubby that if we had a girl I would be the one taking her to early horseback riding lessons or something, but we had a boy so it was his job.  Forget the fact that most of the kids have their moms there, I try not to think about it.  Anyway, I have missed some games and feel horrible about it, I tell Pork Chop how proud I am of him and what not.  He seems okay with it, I tell him it is bonding time for him and daddy.  Not sure he buys that, can you tell I feel guilty?
I hate working with white candy melts, no matter what I do they always get lumpy.  Now if I knew how to get my microwave on half power we might have a chance.  But that would mean I would have read the stupid instructions and that isn't going to happen.
   So for this last game, which I am missing again, I wanted to make something.  But it had to be small, as Hubby and Pork Chop hate handing things out.  I always get stuck handing things out and I feel stupid.  One mom even made a comment about how it must be nice to have time to bake things. I just smiled and said something about how I don't always get to bake.

That showed her.

Anyway this is easy, they are cheap ( that's what she said!) ( I have been dying to say that, and it wasn't even a good one, darn it) and Hubby can just give them to the coach to hand out.  So it is a win win all around.
Make sure the chocolate sets a bit or the sprinkles just drop off.
 To start, you just melt the chocolate you want to use. I went with white because I wanted to use coloured sprinkles and felt it would show more.  I thought about how much I hate working with white chocolate and then did it anyway.  I mean it doesn't have to be smooth when you cover it in sprinkles, so whatever.  Just melt the chocolate and put it in a deep bowl, or like I saw on other blogs, in a cup. I like the bowl as it was easier to catch the drips.
I bury the pretzel and leave it while I dip another one.
 Then I put the sprinkles in a 8x8 cake pan.  I chose to use chocolate jimmies because I like the taste and then I mixed in some shamrock sprinkles, because it was St. Patrick's day after all.  This makes it easier to roll the pretzel without getting the sprinkles everywhere. That is the plan, which did not work when Pork Chops friend decided to shake the darn pan all over the place and sent sprinkles flying.  So in theory it works, just don't let a hyped up 7 year old near it.

So take a pretzel and dip it as much or as little as you want in the chocolate, then tap it a lot on the side of the bowl to get the extra off.  Also you want the chocolate to start setting a bit as once the sprinkles are on they can sort of slide off if it is too runny.
Just leave them to dry.
 So once dipped and what not, put the pretzel in the sprinkles and roll it around to cover.  I let it sit while I dip another pretzel, then place it on wax paper to set up.  I have the fan on high as it is super crazy hot here right now, which is nuts since there was snow just a week or so ago.  I mean it's Canada, I remember having to be in snow pants and boots in April when I was a kid.  I am not complaining, except for the heat when I am working with chocolate.

Anyway, once they are set enough move them into a box or like I did put them into a cake pan and put them in the fridge.  I did this so they would be hard before I started packing them.  I just got the cheapest cookie bags I could at the bakers warehouse.  I also got the pretzels there too.  They came in a bag of 20 for about $2, the only issue was about 3 or 4 in every bag were broken.  This was no problem, either you just dip the broken bits, or like I did crush them up, mix them with the left over chocolate and put them in a silicon mold to make bark.  See two treats for the price of one.  Anyway, just put the pretzels in a bag and tie with ribbon and send to the hockey game with your kid.  Then be the best mom ever, or the one who obviously has too much time on her hands. (No snark there at all right?!)
The bag was a tight fit, I only tied up the kids because I didn't want to put staples in theirs.

I stapled the ones for my friends, because I am the lazy kind of baker.

Some of the left over pretzels that I smashed.
 I have to say that these are one of the tastiest things ever, and there are lots of people making these I am sure, but Love from the Oven is the one that reminded me to make them.  I love that by just changing the sprinkle or sugar you use you can match any holiday or theme.  Have fun and try to not to cover your floor in sprinkles, you don't want to actually have to clean after this or something.  Who has time for that?
And then you mix it all up

And try to get it in the mold.  I had flash backs of the stupid oreo bark and again said next time I would use a food processor to get smaller pieces.  I will forget you know that right?

They kind of look like soap, what can you do?  They still taste good.

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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I love chocolate covered pretzels! Yum!

Murphy's Law said...

ooooo yummmmmmm!!! i love pretzels and those i could probably eat my weight in.

Sue said...

The pretzel sticks look so fun and festive! I know what you mean about the 50% power! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love making pretzel rods like this!

Pamela said...

These look fabulous! And yummy!! :)

Linda Beeson said...

I could use one of those wonderful looking covered pretzels!

Erin said...

These look super yummy! LOVE chocolate covered pretzels! I work in a middle school so it makes me giggle too. Some of us never grow up. But I've decided that's not a bad thing! =o) I still giggle when the gym person yells "bring in your balls" everyday at lunch!

Adrianne Surian said...

Sweet and salty is so yummy! I love dipped pretzels.

Also, I would love to have you come over and guest post! Drop me an email, I would have emailed you back but your profile is set to no-reply (which I can also show you how to change if you would like). :)


Paula said...

Pretzels rods are hard to find around here. Love how you decorated them and made a great treat even better.

Megan's Cookin' said...

They look so pretty all wrapped up and ready to give! I always like to keep pretzels around when I work with chocolate. Great way to use up the little bit of leftover chocolate from when I'm dipping.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Those are great! I'm sure the team loved them. You can't feel guilty either. And what that other mom said makes me angry. I get that all the time and I want to say not nice things. :)