Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nutella Donuts

See how cute those marshmallow bits look, they look huge because the donuts are so small.
  One of the first pastries I remember eating as a kid was donuts, I could not get enough of them.  We lived near a Tim Hortons and as a treat I would get a Hawaiian donut.  Which is just a sprinkle covered donut.  They were good!

  Anyway I loved them, and I even worked in a donut shop for a year or so.  And everyone was all "you will get sick of them"  And like everything else in life, I was not going to be normal. I would have a donut every shift. I even would make special ones, you know take a chocolate and cover it in maple frosting and put as many sprinkles on it that I could.  Wonder why my uniform got snug.  Anyway, long story short, I love donuts.
I have lusted after this for a while, only I wanted a pink one.  Oh well, when I win the lottery I can be picky.
  So to make these you first need either a donut pan or a donut maker thingy.  I happen to have both, only because I scored a donut maker in the states for $11, that is with tax people.  Yeah I know, I am amazing! And yeah I know another thing I don't need, but it's donuts, I will always need them!

  So I had my donut maker, and I was all, "let's do this."  Then I remembered the last time I tried donuts and they were not so good.  So I waited until I found a good recipe on line.  And it did not take long, A Little Nosh  came to the rescue and I was in love.  How could I not be, it was three ingredients and it had a butt load of Nutella in it.  I even went all out and bought the real Nutella.  That right there is class!
This is all you need, well except for icing sugar and water.  But you don't need to see that.
  And at this point I must point out I also got a tub of tiny marshmallow bits, that the bloggers in the states have been showing off.  It is so sad that I cannot get these things here, but you know, I would probably weigh over 300 pounds if they did.  I have no control.

  So to start all you need is Nutella, eggs and whole wheat flour.  I think the whole wheat flour totally makes them healthy and cuts out any calories you get from the Nutella.  Just saying.
And here is Pork Chop giving me attitude because he wanted to taste the batter and I was all "no you will get sick!"  When really I just didn't want to miss out on any donuty goodness.
  First I got my stuff ready, and asked Pork Chop if he wanted to help.  He did until he saw the Nutella, he has never had it before.  And he was grossed out.  I may be a bad mom, because I didn't tell him to try it, he would like it.  I just thought to myself "good, now he will never know how good it is and it will be all mine!!!!"

  I don't share well with others.
I was worried that it would not work so well as the batter was almost grainy but it turned out great.

 So I measured out everything I needed, and mixed it all together.  Now I have no idea why I did it by hand, it should have occurred to me that you know, I have a mixer.  But obviously I am not smart and you know, did it the old fashioned way.  

 Nutella Donuts
From A Little Nosh

-2/3 cups Nutella
-2 eggs
-6TBSP whole wheat flour

  Mix it all together and bake in either a donut maker or a 350 oven until set. I doubled this and got about 40 or so. I forgot to count actually, I was too busy stuffing them in my face.
He was ready to eat them but I was all "Wait I need a picture! Look cute!"  And so he was saying "Awww!" at me as he was so ready to eat them. Are they not the cutest little marshmallows ever? And does Pork Chop not look so cute, you can just agree with me, no need to say those marshmallows are not cute.
 I of course used my super cute amazing donut maker.  I read the instructions and it said to heat it up and to toss out the first batch as the iron may make the first batch taste weird.  I hated to do it, but you have to do what the instructions say, or else!

  So firstly I sprayed the maker with non stick cooking spray, and  I just took a small ice cream scoop and put a blob in the middle of the donut maker. It said you could move it around to make sure the dough is not in the middle, but they started baking so fast I just shut the thing.  I had no idea how long they would take.  
See how dark that batter is?

And see how nice and light and fluffy they become?  Also the instructions said to put the donut maker on something as the heat could damage the counter, so I put it on my stove top and a towel for good measure.
  I checked after 3 minutes and they were starting to burn a little, so seriously 2 -3 minutes max!  I used a rubber spatula to sort of pop them off and onto a wire rack.  Then I closed the maker while I put the rack down.  I let it heat up for a minute or two, then sprayed it again and filled it again.  I got a little groove going.  
My set up, I was in a groove, I would have donuts baking and would have time to glaze a row of them by the time they were done.  I am that good!
  So once they were baking I figured I wanted to put a thin glaze all over them.  I was bringing them to work the next day and wanted them to be fresh as possible, I also wanted more sugar.  There was whole wheat flour people, no way those few extra sugar calories will matter.
What a bad picture, but you need to see my little donut trying to swim in a pool of glaze.
  So I just took a bowl and dumped in my icing sugar, not sure how much, maybe two cups.  Then I slowly added water until it was a nice thin consistency.  I used a whisk to get any lumps out and that was it.  Once the donuts had cooled I set up a wire rack over plastic wrap.  You can do this over a cookie sheet or whatever, but I just did this.  Because I am lazy, and no other reason.  I also just rolled the plastic wrap all up into a ball when I was done, I am lazy, but I am also smart. And just so you know this glaze will separate, you have to stir it before you start dipping.
So I just counted there are 25 in here, I think.  And I had about 8 left and I had to toss out the first 7 so that is what, 40?  Well I never said I was good in math, or spelling, or well, whatever, you get the idea.
  So I just used two forks to dunk my donuts until they were all covered.  I also forgot to mention that some of them had a very thin bit of batter in the middle blocking the donut whole, I just used my finger to push it out.  Then once they were glazed I put them on the rack to dry.  
I have no idea, but this picture sort of grosses me out.  Anyway that is Nutella, and I want to sort of have a bath in it.  Yeah I know, gross thought on a baking blog.  Sorry, I just think it then type it and then leave it.

It's sort of hard to see but the top ones have the Nutella on them, also I sort of want to sing "tiny donuts, everywhere...."  It's a song I swear.

  Now to finish these I found it easiest to box them up then decorate them.  I got these great holiday boxes on boxing day for cheap, they are the perfect height for these. I lined the box with parchment paper and set the glazed donuts on in there.  Now you can leave them like this, but I love sugar, as you may know and did more.  I put just plain Nutella in a piping bag and piped on a layer on top.  Nothing fancy.  And then sprinkled on the baby marshmallow bits.  The nice thing is the Nutella does not crust over so it's nice and soft.
I was going to leave some just glazes but then realized how dumb that sounded.
  That was it, I took them to work and no one would believe me when I told them how easy they were to make.  And that is fine, let them think I am super fancy and stuff.  I will not argue.  

  Also I nearly killed Hubby.  Not in a he did something stupid again sort of way.  It was the I left out baked goods, baked goods that he NEVER EVER eats way.  And I did not put a note to say there were nuts in them.  The only thing that saved him is he doesn't like chocolate.  

 I know right?  What kind of person doesn't like chocolate?  Well in this house a smart one, who is still alive.

  End of almost killing Hubby story. 

  On a side note, there were some left over after almost a week.  Which is funny, I think people at work are getting sick of my baking.  But they were still really soft, so the glaze was great.  Also I left a few in a bowl to let Pork Chop try the next day, and he didn't.  

 But  I was almost a widow, with a good life insurance policy.  But I would have been pissed if he took my donut, I don't share!

Only thing is the marshmallows would not stick unless I placed them all one by one.  And we all know that will not be happening in my home any time soon
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angie gutshall said...

Look yummy!!

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they look fabulous. Didn't know there were donut machines:):)

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This was a fun post - enjoyed it! Oh, and YUM!!

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Oh yum! And wouldn't they be perfect with my coffee.

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Seriously yummy looking!

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To. DIe. For. LOVE these Sue!

Erin said...

Who would have ever thought just those three ingredients would make donuts? I've only tried Nutella once and it was years ago. I'm thinking maybe I missed the boat. And I have one of those donut makers and I haven't used it in about 10 years. Holy cow. I need to break it out! YUM!

Sorry you almost killed your husband. Glad he's okay =o)

Cakewhiz said...

Anything with nutella is a winner in my book!
And that donut machine is awesome...i want one now too...lol

Katrina said...

My boys LOVE donuts, but I have a hard time buying them and I try not to fry much. I need one of these donut makers.

emily said...

ok. as a true, honest-to-goodness chocoholic... i thank you for this recipe. it is BEAUTIFUL! hahaha!

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emily said...

as a true, honest to goodness chocoholic-- thank you for this! i want a big batch of these now.

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Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!