Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am still alive

But I am so sure it doesn't matter.  Seriously where have I been?  Today is just like any other, just that I was able to get home a few minutes early so I thought I would pop in to say hi!

So hi guys!  What is up with you all?  Pork chop is back in school now in grade 4 he is big time now!  I am doing some crazy training for my job down town, and if it goes well I may keep my job.  Seriously I am stressed but its good, I hope.  And hubby is doing great at his new place too.

  We spent the summer trying to do some fun stuff, we went to Canada's Wonderland a bunch, and Pork Chop loved that.  Me?  Well I must be old because I nearly threw up a few times. Seriously I used to ride those rides all day.  Well whatever, he loved it.  We also went on a little family trip to this cool mall in the states.  We shopped and I got some candyquik and I loved it.  We went to this mall called Destiny USA, it was amazing!

 Other than that I have done cupcakes and cake pops but really that is it, I don't even want to bake it seems, but that could be all the stress with trying to get this new job right.  Oh well.  I still check in on my favorite blogs and I still eat lots of sweets. So life is good, if not busy!