Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What we have been up to

That right there is Pork Chop, he is huge now. He was all set to play one of his final hockey games.  Hubby told him they dress up in the NHL, which is obviously the next step for Pork Chop, so he had to dress up too. 

  So what do you do when you have a sick Pork Chop and you cannot possibly watch another cartoon?  You go on line and share what you have been up to.  Us we have been getting so excited for the nicer weather.  I totally gave winter the finger and packed up all my winter clothes.  And then winter flipped me the bird and it was even colder. I cannot win.

 Pork Chop is doing well, other than having possible strep throat today, so he is drooling on the sofa watching cartoons on netflix and I am trying not to kill him. Did you ever think when you were child less that you would actually prefer to go to work?  Well I sort of wish I was at work except he is sick so he is a little cuddly, that is the only good part.

I try to get us to do things as a family but with the bad weather its not as easy.  A few weeks back we went to the indoor driving range, and I quickly remembered why I was no good at golf.  Also I hate a sport where you have to be quiet.  I'm not really the quiet type.
 Pork Chop had a blast in hockey this year, he was the goalie and I honestly was not happy about it at the beginning of the year, but by the end I knew he loved it as he was always smiling coming off the ice.  At the end of year party I baked a butt load of cupcakes and they had a lazer tag party, hubby and I played too, just wanted to let you know I place 3rd and 4th in the two games against the kids.  I only rubbed it in a little.  I sure rubbed it in a lot to Hubby though, he should know by now I rock at everything I do.
I want to steal this from Pork Chop, my mom got it from him in Universal studios.
 I think that we are really going to enjoy the summer, or at least that is the plan.  I have finally gotten some help for my depression and that is giving me hope, and I can see some good days ahead,  and that makes me feel good.
We went to play catch together, I will point out that Pork Chop was shocked each time I caught the ball.  And I was all like "dude I can play sports!" And he was all "it's okay Grandma!" I think that is payback for me calling my dad Old Man for years.  Darn Karma!

This summer I hope to get some baking back in and put some posts up, but then again I sort of hope we are so busy that I can't.  I want to enjoy Pork Chop while he still thinks I'm cool, or coolish. Which I guess is sort of past because he calls me Grandma.  Sigh.

My boys, Porky led the way. Said we were exploring.
 We went to the bad lands last weekend and it was the perfect day.  I think that if you grew up here you would know about the bad lands.  It was so nice to get out and just walk, I miss doing that.
I told him to smile, and he gave me this.  I think this is the start of his teen angst and I may not survive it, or he won't, either way only one of us will get out alive.

And just to prove we are the cool parents we take pictures like this.  Then we tell him to eat his vegetables, just to make sure he knows we mean business.