Monday, March 24, 2014

Is it spring yet???

I may have gone into the craft store, and maybe gotten another shadow box for my spoon collection.  Just maybe.
I cannot believe that it is almost April.  I also cannot believe that I have not blogged in all that time.  I have been doing a few fun things, and just working at not getting the blues from this weather.  Its harder than you may think, I honestly think the long cold days were getting so long and dull that I was having a bad time.  It isn't much better yet, but I am trying, hopefully some sun and a new doctor and I can try to get back to being a little more normal.  But it could be worse right?

So what have we been up to?  Well Hubby and Pork Chop and I went out for our annual Valentines day diner.  We went to a nice all you can eat place, and I honestly didn't eat much.  But Porky Chop loves that he can pick out what he wants, he ate like 2 cups of steamed rice, which is weird, but whatever at least he ate.  By the time we left there was such a big line up and announcements from staff letting people know if they didn't have a reservation they would not get a seat.  Crazy!

Hubby is a good sport taking pictures for me, Pork Chop at least sort of looked at the camera, I hate having my picture taken.  Just so you know.

If only the actual dress would make me look that thin.  

At my part time job one of my friends finally moved into her house, out of an apartment and she had been wanting to learn to sew.  So I found this pattern on line and she was all " I must make that!!!!" And I was all, "So must I!"  But I wanted to say sew but I don't think she would have gotten the joke.  Whatever, so as soon as she finds a fabric she likes we can start.  I lucked out and the fabric I had been eyeing went on sale for $3 a meter and I got more than enough for about $25.  So I just have to get a zipper and thread and I am all ready.  If I do it and I look as good as the picture then I will show you, if not I will still show you but I won't be happy about it.  

I had a day off with Pork Chop during the march break.  I remember growing up and my dad would take every march break off with me and my big sister.  We would go to the zoo, Niagara falls, down town Toronto, the science centre and the cn tower.  It was awesome, but cold.  We would be in snow pants walking around the zoo.  Only bonus, dad couldn't say no to us, so we got to eat lots of ice cream and french fries.  It was great.  I wish I could have to memories for Pork Chop but it's not always possible with our work schedules and the weather has been so crazy, we do what we can.  So I let Pork Chop pick a place to eat and a movie.  So we went to Mandarin and he hardly ate anything, which is fine, lunch costs hardly anything.  Then we went and saw Mr. Peabody, it was cute.   

I told Pork Chop to wave for Daddy, then we texted this to Hubby and he was all.  Is he eating olives and rice?  And I was all, "it's better than the sushi he was eating, sushi rolls he dipped in bacon bits.  I don't know where he gets his eating habits from. Honestly, but I do agree that bacon makes everything better.
Do you guys go on pintrest?  I know dumb question, but honestly do you?  Well I don't often, and this is why. I see something and I cannot get it out of my mind.  Like I found these shoes and googled for like 3 hours, and yes that seems crazy, but when you are looking at shoes on line, time flyes!  Anyway I found these shoes and apparently if I had found them last spring I could have gotten them.  But they were sold out everywhere in my size and I was desperate.  I contacted the maker of said shoes and they are in the uk.  They said they were not available any more, but that a special request had been made by another company in the uk to have them made again.  So I watched the company for weeks and when they finally came in stock I bought a pair at like 7 in the morning at work on my little phone.  I was so excited!  I was showing everyone at work my shoes on my phone and they were all like, "so cute!"  And then when I got them people kept asking me when was I going to wear them.  I did once but won't again until the weather is nice, because people these shoes are adorable and I want to wear them all the time.

So they are the cutest things ever, and my life in almost complete having them.  It is sort of sad how happy a pair of shoes can make me.

 So lets see, baking has not been happening, my mood just makes it so I go to work then don't want to move when I get home.  This however has not stopped Hubby from baking.  He has made some gluten free treats for his friends at work, which sucks because I used to be the cool baker person, but I don't mind too much as long as he shares with me.  I just want to bake again, or at least I want to feel like I want to bake again.  It could happen.

I hate having my picture taken, and I was all "take my picture!!!" And Hubby was all, you fake smile, you have a weird face, look natural.  Which is stupid, my natural face is weird and fake, so whatever, just take the picture.

So why is there a weird picture of me with that horrendous hair do?  Well I have been growing my hair out for what seems like forever, but in actuality is probably just under 2 years.  I had decided to grow my hair out and donate it for charity to make wigs for kids who have cancer.  Only issue is here in Canada you cannot donate any hair that has been dyed.  Which is crazy because I have been covering the gray for well over 10 years.  Have I mentioned that Pork Chop is almost 10?  Well It could be connected, or not, I will let you decide.

Anyway I found that locks of love in the states will take hair if it has some gray and if you have dyed it, just not bleach.  Well dude that was me!! So I was doing great for a while, but then it got to the point where I just wore my hair in a pony tail, or mostly I just didn't brush it just put it up in a twist or whatever.  And when we were going out to do stuff and I wanted to wear a hat I did two braids.  Have I mentioned that I am pushing 37 or so.  So I hated long hair, but I was all " I said I was going to do this and I will!"  And I would bug Hubby or the girls at work every month or so to try and measure my hair to see if it was long enough.  And on Friday it finally was!

So after work I came home and got changed and told Pork Chop I was going to get my hair cut.  Then he was all "you go out to get your hair cut?"  And I was all "yes, why"  And he said the funniest thing ever, he said "I thought daddy cut your hair"  And I nearly died, because Hubby shaves his own head and Pork Chops.  I was all "your daddy couldn't handle my hair, I need professional help"  And Pork Chop just gave me a weird look and went back to playing his game.

So anyway I went and had a little issue getting my hair done, the ladies at the salon were great.  But one kept trying to point out they won't take coloured hair, and other stuff and I had to keep telling her that where I was donating they would and they they were all "it's going to be short if you want to donate enough"  And I said bring it!  

So they tied my hair into two pony tails and cut them off, poor lady stopped a few times, said my hair was too thick that my two pony tails were thicker each than most donations from one person.  I hope that means they can use a lot of it then, because I have never been so happy to have a hair cut in my life!

And here I am, the front is longer, and it is short in the back, like not even touching my neck.  I love it and it is so much easier!
 So I got home and had to have a shower I was covered in hair bits, and it was the best feeling to wash my hair so fast.  I then let it dry and ironed it, I have super wavy hair so if I leave it that way it's cute, but I like the sleek look better.  Whatever.

 Pork Chop was all " You look different."  And I said good different or bad different?  He said good, but I don't believe him.  I think it's funny how short kids memories are in that way because I have had short hair many times before.  Anyway I am glad I am done, because I cannot stand long hair.  I was so happy I cleared out a whole section in my bathroom of hair ties and stuff, because dude my hair is short!

I just have to mail the hair off now, and I tried to show Hubby and he was all grossed out, he said to leave it in the bag and I did because he is a big baby that way.  I hope that whoever gets my hair feels good about themselves with it and that they know I wish I could do more to help them than just grow my hair.

Anyway nothing too big happening here, just looking forward to the summer, and maybe a little trip to the states to play.

I have a guy here cleaning my dryer vent because apparently you can die if you don't clean it and its a fire hazard.  This is the second time having it done, a few years ago they did it and the amount of lint they got out could have made a whole bunch of clothes.  Anyway we are now going to be lint free, at least until I dry something again.

How have you guys all been by the way?  I love checking out others blogs, but just have not been in the mood to comment.  Probably "talk" to you all in the summer, yikes I need to get back on here more.