All You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

  This is going to be the page all about me, I know sort of self serving isn't it?  But I have gotten some emails, so I can answer questions here as well as brag about my amazing life. ( it's okay, I laugh at that too:) And I will update as questions are asked or comments made.

  Now prepare to be amazed! By what I don't know, but you know, it could happen.

So who are you?
 My name is Sue, I am a married ( almost 10 years) mom of one little boy, whom you know as Pork Chop.  I went to Culinary school, where I met my Hubby.  I worked in the industry at a private country club for a little under 2 years.  I loved the cooking and baking, I really liked most of the people.  I hated the hours, I hated the way some people treated you in the kitchen and I found I ended up hating going in every day.  So I changed my field.
 Currently I work two jobs, a full time customer service job and a part time retail job.  I like them both, but if I won the lottery I would quit and open up my own bake shop.  I would have my own pony and I would be super hot.  Because if you are rich, you can have it all.  That is what they say right?
  I always had dreams of being a stay at home mom and opening my own home day care.  Then I had Pork Chop and realized I may kill one of the kids, even my own if I had more than one.  So that dream went out the window, but I love my little man.  A lot.  Because I sure as heck would have killed him by now if I didn't
  Hubby, he is a good egg.  He works full time and is very supportive of me and my crazy things.  I mean he may not have embraced the Wall O' Sprinkles, but he has not taken it down yet either.  So I will keep him, for now;p

Why is your kid named Pork Chop?

  Okay so Pork Chop was originally Porky.  And that was because when my kid was little and just starting on real food, he had to have his own spoon in his hand.  If he didn't he would spend the whole time trying to grab the one I was using out of my hand.  So if he had his own, he was happy.  This moved on to eating.  One of his favorite things as a toddler was cheesies. He had a way of eating, having a cheesy in each hand and his mouth full, like a little pig.  I know, horrible to say, but I have the cutest picture ever of him doing this. So I called him Porky.  When he got older, I think around 4 or 5 he said he didn't like the name and wanted me to stop.  But how can you stop when your little man is the cutest Porky ever?  You adapt and you call them Pork Chop, which he thought was cool, because I told him it was like being a Karate pig.  He bought it and it stuck.  Although when I picked him up from day care and called him that, the day care lady told me her husband over heard and thought I was making fun of them.  They were Portuguese.  And I felt horrible, she laughed and said her hubby did too when she explained it was his nick name.  So yeah, I am horrible, but I still call him that.  My little Pork Chop.  And disclaimer, when he is older and can really be embarrassed I will stop it in public, and maybe even on my blog if I am still blogging.  Unless he pisses me off, then he is going to be sorry.  Love you Pork Chop:)

What is Hubby like?

 Well he is awesome, because he puts up with me.  But he likes to play X box a little too much.  Usually after I go to bed, but it still factors in.  I may leave him if a rich man shows interest.  Maybe not, I sort of like him, so we will have to see what happens.  ( Hubby, don't read that last part, it is a total joke! I mean it, you are my X box knight in shining armour!)
  Seriously?  He is really good, he is the most amazing dad, he gets up super early to take Pork Chop to hockey and lets me sleep in.  He makes lunches for our picky kid and also makes my lunches when I work late.  He does laundry, although I don't like it.  Not because he does it wrong, but because he uses different settings on the machine, so it is wrong, but not technically.  I know stop complaining, but it's all I have some days right?  Oh and he leaves socks all over the place, wherever he takes them off, usually in the living room.  And he wears socks with holes.  So I stole a trick my friend told me, take those socks and rip the hole so big he can't wear them any more.  He almost cried the first time I did it, it felt good.  I know mean, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
 I met Hubby in culinary school in our second year, he was the cute nerdy shy guy.  I was the loud, crazy tattoo and piercing covered girl who wore PJ's to school ( when not in chef whites) and carried a Winnie the pooh lunch pail.  It was an awesome lunch pail, I miss it:(  He tells me he thought I was this big party girl, and when he got to know me and we would hang out, he was shocked.  He said what party girl watches movies and  and knits and just hangs out.  I know, I am also a dork, but I had a cool front.  Not any more, I lost my cool a long time ago it seems.
  Hubby also loves dorky things like comic books ( I knew that Wednesday was new comic book day before Big Bang Theory) And when I talked him into getting super cute Lenard like geek glasses, he was clueless.  That is until they were paid for and I told him.  He was mad, but darn it all he is so cute in them!
 His parents are from Trinidad and his mom is a cook too.  She used to make things so spicy and giggle when I would cry, because I am so not into spice.  But I wanted to try, because it is good and tastes great until the spice hits you.  So now she wimps it up for me.  And I love it.
  Things may not have always been perfect or easy for us, but I love him and that is all that matters.

What do you look like?

I am 5'10", size zero and super hot, I mean smokin' hot!  Oh and I have brown hair and brown eyes.


Yes, I would not lie to you.

Why don't you post a picture?

Because when you are as hot as I am, pictures just don't do you justice. So in stead of a sub par picture, I will  just tell you, I am hot.


Yes, and it hurts my feelings that you don't believe me.  But I forgive you, I actually have hazel eyes, so I was sort of fibbing.

What is your favorite food?

 Well before I had gastric bypass I could have lived off of Hawaiian pizza, bacon, pineapple and extra cheese.  Is there anything better?  Now, well it depends on the day, some things just don't taste the same, others make me sick.

Whats your favorite treat?

Okay I could seriously live off of peppermint patties, the ones I make.  I mean they are nothing but sugar, so if I eat more than one I hurt.  A lot.  So I have to space them out, but in a perfect world, those would be it for me.

So why baking if you had weight issues and should not eat sugar?

Short answer?  Because I am stupid.  Long answer.  I love it, I love the memories I have of baking with my mom, and I love sharing that with my son now, and I love the smiles I get when I share at work or when I make something for someone.  I now have an appreciation for how much a person  really needs to eat.  I do push it some times, and I pay for it with a sore tummy.  But compared to before, I am really doing well with it and I love it so it makes sense to me.

Do you have any hobbies?

 I do, lots.  And it drives Hubby crazy.  I mean obviously I love to bake, so I have taken over the dining room and a bunch of storage in the basement.  Then I love scrap booking, which takes over a huge area in the basement.  And I have not really done that in a while, I have been busy.  I love riding and would be at the barn every weekend if I could afford it.  I used to work at a boarding kennel for dogs and cats so I learned how to groom a bit, so my little Yorkie used to have the best hair in town.  I love shopping and do way too much, so obviously why I have a second job. I am getting much better, but you know, it is a very hard habit to break.  I like to sew and am drawn to historical stuff, so I am so making a steam punk outfit and making Hubby go to a comic or sci-fi convention.  (Here is the first look at how it's going. and Here is the second part. and Here it is all done!) He wants to go, but does not want to wear a costume.  I mean he is the one that gets into that stuff, I just like to make stuff.  So I am totally supporting him by doing this.  He needs to learn to appreciate me;p And if I make him a costume he will have to wear it, or I will cry.  And I am not above using tears to get my way.

What else should I know about you?

Okay so we have covered the fact that I am hot, and that I have a great Hubby and my Pork Chop is adorable and I love him.  Other than that, I have mentioned I had gastric bypass, on March 1, 2010.  I lost a total of 140 pounds, then I have put back on 10.  Which they say is normal, whatever I still feel huge.  I love horse back riding, and take Pork Chop for pony rides in the summer, he thinks the pony at the barn is his.  His name is Elvis. I hate house work, so my house is not amazingly clean. But Hubby does get these cleaning bursts and I always try to tidy up.  My dining room table is a mess, and when I need to bake I have to clear it off and clean it, so that totally helps my house not look so bad.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.  Other than that, I used to have the most cutest Yorkie and I miss her so much.  She went to heaven when she was 15 and I still cannot imagine a dog as good as her.  So maybe one day, but I still just want her back.  I live in a town house with my Hubby and son and we are very happy.  Most days, don't talk to me about happy at 5:30 am when I am supposed to be getting up.  That would totally change the answer.

Why did you start a blog?

Because I needed an excuse to be able to bake as much as I wanted and be able to buy like 500 different kinds of sprinkles.  Because when Hubby gives me that look I can just say "It's for the blog."  Then he rolls his eyes and I am happy. I also love to read other peoples blogs, so why not. It is sort of like a scrapbook, but without all the picture cutting and glitter glue. So I can always look back and be proud of all the things I tried and did.  I also hope to try and make some money from sponsors or advertisers one day.

Do you make any money off of your blog?

As of yet, not really.  I have those google ad's, but you know, nothing coming in as of yet.  Maybe one day, and if I do, how great would that be? And if not, well I still love doing it, I will just have to keep working for now:)

Would you take requests?

Heck ya!  I mean depending on what kind.  Like if you have  a recipe you have always had trouble with or loved I would take a crack at it.  Ask me to post a picture of myself, well that won't happen.  But you can always ask.

What's your favorite part of your blog and blogging?

I think it's the comments that I love. I love to hear how people like my ideas, and even if they don't I love to hear that too.  Just not the spam, although I guess if you get spammed you have some popularity with the spam bots.  Right? I also love seeing and reading others blogs from all over the world, to see how others do things and what not.  I just really enjoy it. And it makes me feel like I belong to something, and I am a dork. Oh and if I get a comment from a blog that I admire, I do a little happy dance.  Then I tell Hubby and he acts like he has a clue about what I am saying, then I dance some more.

Do you know that your writing is bad?  Like your grammar sucks, your punctuation and spelling are really bad!

  Yes, yes I know.  I was always horrible in English, I still couldn't tell you what a verb or a noun is.  Seriously it goes right over my head.  But I love to write and I have had comments, a good many about my writing issues.  Not actual on the blog comments, but people that know about the blog and pass it on to me. But you come here for the food, and my amazing story telling abilities.  Maybe even for my fantastic photos, but you didn't come for my writing abilities, because if you did, you probably wouldn't be reading this still.  Oh and thank goodness for spell check, at least my bad writing is usually properly spelled.  But spell check cannot fix it all.