Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

Pork chop was all like, "what's up mom?!" And I was all, look cute!!! And he did this, I will let you decide if its cute or not.

So its January! And life has been going crazy!! I feel like so much has happened but nothing at the same time.  I have done a little baking, we of course had to do the annual ginger bread house, but I was all, I'm going to do this cheap and make a village and it will be awesome.  It stopped being awesome within minutes when I was trying to build the houses out of graham crackers and Pork Chop was trying to eat all the candy and going on and on about how long it was taking.  I was about to kill him, but figured it was the holidays and I should at least let him live until the new year.  It was a hard choice.

I was so dumb to make this, and Pork Chop ate his weight in candy.  And maybe a bit of icing, I only ate the gum drops.  I swear!
So what else happened?  Our washing machine died, and it was about 3 weeks before we finally gave in and got a new one.  We had a big front loader, but now they say the top loaders are better again, I don't care, I love my new washer and I set it up and hooked it up myself, and it was awesome and I try to find things just so I can use it.  That will wear off soon, cleaning usually does with me.  

 I pulled a muscle in my lower region. And I went to the walk in clinic.   And I was seeing a fill in Dr because of a huge snow storm.  So this guy was nice, he was a little rushed and not thinking I think.  So I am going to tell you all what happened, because I feel here on the internet we are able to share our best moments.  So he had me sit on the exam table, with that paper thingy over my lower half, and I was sitting up and he for some reason had to run out of the room, and he did, and he left the door open, and he was yelling at the nurse for something.  Did I mention that my butt, which is huge, was hanging out and the door was now open, with a clear view to the waiting room.  And that the people in the waiting room all looked up to see the dr yelling.  And that he then came back in the room with the nurse and they were still talking loudly and my butt was still on display with the door open.  I may have died a little.  So soon as he shut the door I got my stuff on and I sure as heck didn't make eye contact with anyone on the way out.

 So long story short, something was pulled, I didn't get better for a few days, and there are now people in my neighborhood that have seen my butt.  Life had better give me a lottery win or something, because that was just crap!

See how he is sitting there beside the bowls of candy?  I got one picture then he was into the candy again.  Sigh every year I do it but I always think I will learn, I never do.
So what else happened?  All three of us got the stomach flu, poor Pork Chop got it first, he was so sick, then Hubby got it, he was so sick I was scared that he would pass out.  Then I got it, on the day before Christmas eve. I was so sick I had to stay home from work and I was crying and Hubby was all, your sick it's okay, and I was all, I know I'm sick, but I want to go to work.  Which is stupid because they would kill me if they got sick. I was finally feeling better by boxing day which was great.  

We also had a huge ice storm, we were so lucky not to really be affected, but my poor parents had so much ice they had to have my sister get salt and get them out of the house.  My mother in law was without power for days, but that woman is tough.  I tell you me I would have begged for a hotel, she was all, "its cold at home, I'm going to work to get warm!"  Yeah, crazy!

So we had a good but quiet holiday, which made me feel guilty we had plans to shop the week of christmas for daddies gift and clean and none of it happened.  I feel like as long as Pork Chop was happy that was all that mattered, so I tried to focus on that.  All I wanted was my yearly singing snow man from Hallmark, I have them all and I'm running out of room to display them during the holidays.  But it makes me so happy to see them and think back on each holiday.  I have gotten one every year since the second year we were married.
For our new years we did our annual Dave and Busters night. After work we headed out and had diner then played some games.  It was so fun and I look forward to it every year.  
Most years we go skating downtown in our area and last year we stayed out all night to see the fire works, this year it was so cold we went home and played games.  It was nice and not too much work.  I baked some brownies for Hubby, they were a recipe I tired for Christmas diner and he loved them, and he is not a brownie person usually.  And he hardly eats what I make, so I made those and by the new year he had yummy  brownies to snack on.  

Pork Chop has been wanting a Domo for like 3 years now, but they were always huge and too many tickets.  This year he scored a small one and he was thrilled!! I told him I was proud that he didn't waste all his tickets and still has a bunch to go back with.

One of the things Pork Chop was asking for was a rainbow loom.  Grandma and Grandpa sure made him happy when it was one of the gifts they got him.  I was not so happy that he had me making things for the whole of Christmas day.  I mean the boy has both arms covered.  He gets very frustrated though because it is a little hard to hook so we do them together, and I bought myself one so we try to do them and he only gets a little frustrated.  Apparently his friends at school are asking him to get me to make them some, I said no, but it could be a good side business right? It wouldn't be wrong to charge grade four kids $5 for a bracelet would it?  Yeah I know it would be but I could be rich you know! I did make a few for his close friends but I am sick of the thing already.  
See that is just a few of what he has, Hubby has to yell at him to get moving in the morning because he would wear every single one he had if we didn't stop him. 

So that is about it for us, I finally finished my training at work, so things are back to normal and I have plans to take Pork Chop to visit my old work on his PD day.  I cannot believe it has been almost a year and I miss downtown, I do not miss the drive at all though, that part is nice. 

So I hope you are all having a great new year so far, other than the butt thing, life is going good.  I think this year is going to be great, and if not, it cannot be worse than last year, how bad can it be after my butt was on display right?