Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cake Pop Trees, and Give Away Winners

A different colour for the holidays.

  So first of all I want to thank those of you who entered my first give away. I was so excited about this and I hope that if nothing else you all got a few ideas for your baking at home.

  I am going to start this post off with a little tutorial using an item from my next give away. I wanted to showcase another of My Little Cupcake products. I ordered the new three molds and thought that the best way to get you all excited about them and the next giveaway would be to show you an example. I decided that since it is almost Christmas I would try out the obvious shape, the cone.

 So with the cone shape, just like the cupcake shape, you fill the mold, close it up, then take out your perfectly shaped cake pop. It is so easy, and seriously I cannot tell you how much time it saves, and it ensures every pop is the same size. Love it.
They may not look great now, but just you wait.

  So I was inspired by some cookies Lila Lola made. She made some really pretty pink and silver Christmas trees. I loved them, I like unusual colours for the holidays. And it was just perfect because I was making some pink cake balls for a friends little girl. I think it was fate I did not have a girl, my house would be pink and purple, and my manly Hubby would have had to live outside. Maybe I should have another one, you know, whole bed to myself if Hubby is outside. It's just a thought.

  Anyway once my cones were shaped I put them in the fridge until the next day. Once I was ready I melted my candy melts, and coloured them pink with candy colouring from Americolor. I then did my first coating of chocolate. I always double dip my cake pops when using coloured or white melts, because mine crack and it ensured that the cake pop filling does not show through.
Lolli pop sticks in and ready to dip.

Doing the first dip.

Let the extra chocolate drip off.

Standing to dry, and don't worry about how they look, you cover them up with the second dip anyway.

 Once they were dipped I let them dry and come to room temperature. While they were drying I got myself a large bowl to catch any sprinkles, a paint brush to make texture, tweezers and any sprinkles I might need.

  Now for the first one I wanted it to look all sparkly, like it was covered in snow. So I took the cake pop and dipped it again, tapping the stick on the side of the bowl to make any extra chocolate fall off, and then I sprinkled pink sanding sugar all over to cover it. Then because it was so girly I put a pink heart sprinkle on top. So cute.
I use a spoon to sprinkle the sugar all over.
It could also be a love tree, they have those right?  Well I think they do, and if not, they should.

  The others I wanted to make more realistic. Well as realistic as a pink tree can be you know? I dipped the cake pop again and tapped off the extra a little bit. Then as it started to dry I dabbed at it with a food only paint brush while constantly turning the pop and continued doing this until the chocolate was setting in peaks. Once done I took a toothpick and dotted on chocolate and stuck my sprinkles on. I think they turned out really cute.
If there were pink threes they would look like this.
Bad picture, sorry.
Another picture of the love tree.

  I was really happy with how these turned out, so easy to shape and dip. And they are the perfect size. And this mold is just one of the four that is in the set I plan to give away sometime in the new year. So please check back. If you become a follower you will be sure to see it when I set it up.
First place prize!

  Okay so now on to the give away from this week. The prize was one of two super cute cupcake pop molds. So seeing as this was my first give away I was a little surprised with what I had to work with. I totally forgot that not everyone that commented would qualify or that when I commented I would count in the total. So what I did was start at the top of the comments and worked my way down counting all the comments that qualified. To qualify all the comments had to have was the answer to the skill testing question which was 8+12=?. I did that because from what I read on line to give a prize in Canada you have to have a skill testing question.

  So I counted all of them up and there were 10 total, which gives really great odds.  So this is my first time using  I know that some people are able to show the pictures of the draw, but I tried and was not able to.  I hope that I can figure that out, and if you know I would really appreciate it.  Again I wanted to say thanks to all the people that entered, and by working from the top down the two numbers picked were 9 which was Jasmine and number 7 which was Tam.  Jasmine I have emailed you, and Tam I do not have your email, I will post a comment on your blog to ask you to contact me.

The Winners are Jasmine and Tam!

 So again thanks all for reading and thanks to My Little Cupcake for supplying one of the cute molds.


Michele said...

Those are adorable!!! Awesome molds. I def have to check those out.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh those are adorable! Love the tree shape!

Murphy's Law said...

Those are so much fun!! and look totally de-lish!

Izzy Anderson said...

Oh these are adorable and I am sure they are totally yummy too. I bet these are a big hit!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

So pretty!
You made them so adorable.
Congratulations winners!