Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And we have a Winner!!

So totally nothing to do with this post, just picked some pictures I had on my computer.  Here is Pork Chop at Great Wolf Lodge.  He got the choice between this and a big party, he chose well. Although I still did a family party, it was no where near as much work.
 Just a super quick post to announce the winner of my give away.  I have been dealing with being a little sick, and so is Hubby and now poor Pork Chop is bad.  But apparently a bunch of kids from his school are sick, so there are a few of them not getting to enjoy the March break.  Poor things.  But that means I get to cuddle and not be on the computer too much, so I will just announce the winner, and put in a few pictures to share, because what is a blog post without pictures, even if they are not relevant at all.

So I used Random .org and I was given the number 10.  I was so happy because all the entries managed to get the right answer, which is amazing, I chose a hard question.  I will go easier on you all next time!  So the winner is !

Dorthy at Crazy for Crust, and this totally means she has to make something with this stuff and show us.  So Dorthy I will email you, and thanks all for entering!

Pork Chop after going under water, he is all "look what I can do"  then I think of that Mad TV creepy kid and want to call him "Stewart"

Try to ignore the flab, no one, and I mean no one over the age of 10 looks good in a bathing suit.  And if you are a freak that does, I hate you, on a superficial level that is.

See how nice he looks, and almost cute?

Well he is evil deep down, he gets that from me.  So I cannot be too mad.


Paula said...

Congratulations to Dorothy! Sorry to hear that the family has been I'll and especially your son...on his March Break :(

Hope he feels better soon.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Thank you so much Sue!! :) I'm so excited. I'm sorry the sickness is over school break. That makes it even worse!