Monday, June 18, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cake Balls

Okay I took so many pictures of these things, then I thought to myself.  "Self do people really put sauce and sprinkles and cherries on their ice cream cones?"  And the answer was, "I don't know."  So for what it's worth, all ice cream cones should be this cute.
 *** DISCLAIMER***  I may have been in a very crazy mood when I wrote this, or drunk.  But as we all know I don't drink, but maybe I should because some of these comments may be a little racey for some.  Which is sort of weird considering this is a blog about baking, but you know if the mood strikes you, you go with it.

And Mom, if you are reading this, Lynda did it.

  That is all.

  I have been promising cake balls to Pork Chop for  a while.  Which really makes no sense as he is not going to eat them I bet.  But I made these because he seems to love ice cream cones.  Not actual ice cream cones, but the cone cone.  Does that make any sense at all?  No, well what else is new with that child.
These were the adorable mini cones, which you sort of had to scrape the seam off the bottom or else they fell over.  Stupid cone seams!

  Anyway, he loves to eat the cones, and I had seen these last year, I think I actually bought them last year, don't tell.  I buy things and think "these will make some great treats!" Then I forget about them, or pass them by and they expire, but you know, I am getting better.  So anyway, I made ice cream cone cake balls before using the actual pointy cones, but they were a pain, and hard to serve and what not.  So these, the flat bottom ones were perfect!  I figured I would be the first ever to use them, and I don't know if they even make them like this in other parts of the world.

  I choose to believe that they are just here in my little area, no where else.  And if they are, I don't want to know.  It would depress me and make me want to go shopping or something.  So you know, I have issues.

  Also I read the box, they still had a good year before they expired, score!

I took them all out, because how dumb would it have been to take one out at a time.  And I wanted you to see the stupid cone seam that I hate.  It's evil.  
  So to start I asked Hubby to bake me a box mix cake, as I was working the night before I wanted to make these.  Now I could have done it, but it saves me a lot of time and it makes it like we are doing this together.  I know, that sounds dumb.  The real reason is it makes him have to do it and the dishes so I am just being lazy.  Who would have thought that of me?

  And just so you know, he left the mixing bowl in the sink for me, day old hard cake batter does not save you time.

 Touche Hubby, touche.

See how crazy I am, I set everything up and took a blurry picture and you can even see my drink in there.  I go no where in my house without my drink.  Well almost no where; don't ask.
  Anyway, once the cake was baked, he covered it for me and the next day I got to work.  Now this day we had the funeral for my Uncle, and I thought baking would be the best therapy.  I actually wanted to go to all the kitchen stores I know and blow all the money I don't really have, so this was the better option.

Stubby finger action shot.

I want to say something clever but dirty here about only dipping half of your ball, but I got nothing.  Sorry.

At this point, if you didn't deal with those cone seams, you may start pulling your hair out.  Or eat the ones that fell over.  However you deal with your problems is up to you.

I have nothing to say about this picture, but I took it, so you need to see it.

  So I crumbled up my cake and added just enough frosting to get it to hold together then I used a mini ice cream scoop to make my cake balls.  I wanted to not roll them, but I thought that if I did not roll them they may not stick inside the cone as well.  So I rolled them.  Then popped them in the freezer while I tided up and got everything ready.

  And I don't know if you ever notice how I point out I tidy up now and then, but if I write it, it has to be true.

  Now I hate working with white chocolate so decided all my ice cream was going to be chocolate. And chocolate is the only kind of ice cream you should ever eat really. So I melted my candy wafers in the microwave and set out a sheet of wax paper.  I took out a few cake balls at a time then dipped the bottom half of them in the chocolate then set them in the cones and left them to dry.

I think I may need to hire a hand model.

Could you imagine the ad? "Wanted, one hand model to dip my balls while I take pictures."  That could get interesting.
 Once I had done that for all of them I was ready to do the full dip. By this time the first coating of chocolate should have hardened and stuck the ball to the cone.  Then I just took the cone and dipped it to make sure the whole cake ball was covered then let the extra drip off before setting them right side up on the paper again.  Now if you get drips down the cone, that is fine, it will just look like melting ice cream.
Almost done, and they could just be finished at this, but I needed to use sprinkles, so I could not leave them like this.
  Once that was done I got a small amount of white candy melts and melted them with some paraffin crystals. I wanted to make them pink, like strawberry sauce or something, so I used the candy colouring I had.  It is oil based so I can use it to colour the candy melts without it making the chocolate seize up.

  Also in real life, no fruit should ever touch my desert, ever.  So even though it looks like strawberry sauce, it better not be.  Or else.

Ok so here is the set up, I have found that coffee filters are great at catching sprinkles without making them bounce out and on the floor like if you use a bowl or plate.  That is until you try to pour them back into the container and drop the filter.  Not that that happened or anything.  Stupid sprinkles.

So I pipped on the pink then I decorated, but I figured out after this one if you shake the thing after you put the chocolate on it settles and looks nicer.

See how cute?  And that my friends is why chocolate is better than fruit.  I know that makes no real sense but I had to say it anyway.
   Then once it was melted I put it in a squeeze bottle and got my sprinkles and such set up.  To try and cut down on the mess I put one cone in a coffee filter and poured some pink chocolate on top then gave it a few seconds to drip down then added my sprinkles.  I find that if you use a coffee filter the sprinkles don't bounce out of the filter like they do with a bowl.  Then I topped it off with a red mini jaw breaker.  You can use anything though, like a big or mini M&M or a sixlet.  Whatever you want really
My little cone army.  Do they have cone army's?  Well they totally should.

We will call him Sargent Pinky.  No idea why, I feel like today I am in one of those moods, so you should probably just disregard all the comments so far.

And this, well that was the one I ate.  Because Pork Chop looked at it and said "No thanks."  And then I killed him and ate it myself.
  Then I let them set up and packed them away to take to work.  I think they were adorable and I so would make these in the full size cone, but that may kill you with the sugar amounts.  So just eat like 5 of these and you are good!
I didn't really kill him, that would mean they would take away my cake balls.  And I also want to call this picture "Cone in a box"  Which is funny if you know what I am talking about, and if not, you so do but just don't want to admit it.  And no Mom, there is no way I am explaining this to you.

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Katrina said...

How fun and cute! That's my kind of army!

Unknown said...

Those look amazing! Very well done!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Oh, you made me laugh! Dipping half...we really would get along in real life. :) These are super adorable. And you make them look SO easy!

Rita said...

They are SOOO cute! & they look delicious too :)
Check out my blog:

Erin said...

Oh my heck! These are adorable and sound delicious! I'm all for a full size version! Is there such a thing as too much sugar???

You are hysterical! And sorry about your Uncle =o(

Connie Mercer said...

great idea~would love to try these for the "grands"!!!! yummy for sure!!!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

You always make me laugh, Sue. Your comment about hiring the hand model? Priceless! LOL! These are adorable and I know my DD would gobble a few up (cake ball AND cone). :)

Elizabeth Cooper said...

Oh wow, these look amazing! What a fabulous idea!

The Bold Abode said...

Or you could hire a photographer...

Wanted: Photographer to take shots of me while I dip my balls in chocolate and pink sauce.

But who needs that when you can just do it yourself...dip your own balls and take a picture at the same time. Now that's talent.

The Bold Abode said...

Do you have a facebook page? You need a facebook page...

Sarah @ See Sarah Bake said...

These are too cute. I saw them at Talking Dollars and Cents and had to stop over. I guess I should've read the caption, but I had to idea they were cake balls. How genius!

Baking Addict said...

These are super cute! I've made icecream cone cupcakes before but not with cake balls - great idea.

Unknown said...

Holy smokes, these are terrific! Love the overall look!

Paula said...

Yes, people do put chocolate, sauce and sprinkles where ever they can! I love your ice cream cone cake balls. Very, very well done.

Jen @ Savory Simple said...

These look insanely good!

Britt@ Lovin from the Oven said...

These are freakin' adorable!! Can you believe never in my life have I seen a "mini cup"? Amazing.

Dani said...

This is most definitely the best thing I have ever read!! So cute and you are hilarious! I am following ; )

Anonymous said...

hahah love this - reading it has really cheered up my day. On the flip side, I now want to eat cake (or ice cream!)


Heather said...

They are soooo cute!

Ruth @ atnumber29 said...

These are awesome. I'm pinning them to make in my Mythical Free Time. But what I most enjoyed was the post and not the cakes. It cheered up my day as I'm sitting home with a crying baby. Thank you. :o)

Back for Seconds said...

You are crackin me up!
These are so stinkin cute, I love them! I don't do fruit on my ice cream either. Ick. These are just perfect and I love mini treats - win!