Friday, September 28, 2012

Cake Batter Ice Cream

Isn't it pretty? I wrote this post about 3 weeks or so ago, there is still ice cream left over.  I don't think this bad boy is going to get the use I thought it would.  Yikes!  Don't tell Hubby.

 Okay, I finally did it.  I got myself a "real" ice cream maker.  I had been using an old one my Uncle gave to us, which was nice, but you had to turn it by hand.  And I was/am just lazy.  Now I didn't get one of the super expensive ones like a kitchen aid or cuisinart.  I got a cheap one at the Loblaws store for $30.  I figure for the amount of time I am going to use it, that is good enough.

  So I wanted to make ice cream, but I was not going to do anything too fancy, I mean I am lazy and that is how I like it.  So I looked up on line some options, and I settled on cake batter ice cream.  Why you ask, well it had very little ingredients and it was a custard base ice cream, so to me that sounded like a nice place to start.
If you are not grossed out by this picture, well I thank you.  Those of you that are, try not to think about it.
  So here is the recipe link.

Cake Batter Ice Cream
By Ekho on all recipes

-1 cup milk
-1/2 cup white sugar
-2 egg yokes
-2 cups whipping cream
-1 TSP vanilla *
-3/4 cups white cake mix sifted **

*I used vanilla bean paste, because I am fancy like that, I also did not measure because I am also lazy like that

**I used 1 cup as in the comments some people said they liked more, I also didn't measure it properly, so there may have been even more, more is always good, usually

So place it all together in a pan and set it over medium heat.  Now I didn't do the water trick, where you rinse the pot with cold water before putting milk in, to stop it from burning on the bottom.  So I had a bit of burned custard on the bottom, oh well.
I should have like I don't know, swirled it or something.  Like this it just looks gross.
  I used my candy thermometer because that is what the guy said to do, you want to cook it on medium until it hits 160, this was just about the time the stuff started to thicken up like crazy.  You want to keep stirring it to make sure your eggs don't scramble.  Once it hits the right temperature, pour it into another container.  At this point the recipe said to chill it over night in the fridge, but I went one step further and strained it though a fine mess strainer.  Just in case there were any bits of egg or anything lumpy.  It was thick, but just use a spoon or spatula to push it through.

Oh ice cream maker, how I so wanted you.  And how well you will look sitting in your box in the basement.

  Then I let it set over night, it was so hard not to just eat it, it was so yummy smelling.  Anyway the next night I got home as fast as I could, seriously I was so upset I had to work that night too, but I had enough time to mix it up.  So I got out my mix, and stirred it up a bit to get it all ready, then I got my ice cream maker set up.  Not sure about the other ones out there, but you just pop the whole bowl into the freezer and then when you are ready get it out, attach the paddle and the top and then start it and put the stuff in through the top.  It said to let it go for about 20 minutes. Or so I remember I cannot find the instructions.

  Anyway I started it up and had to spoon the ice cream base in, it was so thick!  And I let it go, and then I realized after doing the dishes that I had not set a timer.  So I looked at it and it looked thick but I was not sure, so I I turned it off, and it was thickish.  What do I know, it was not done I don't think.  So I turned it back on, and let it go and then about 4 minutes later it started to make noise.  So I turned it off.  I put it into a container and got as much out of the bowl that I could, but there was a good layer on it that I could not get off, maybe with a metal spoon but I didn't want to scratch the bowl.  So I put it in the freezer; then stood by the sink eating what was left in the bowl with a plastic spoon.  It was so thick I did not really like the texture.
See how pretty it looks?  I think I would like it like this, it got too dense once it was left in the freezer.
  Then the next night I got to finally try it.  I wanted to try it the night I made it but they say you have to let it set up at least for two hours.  So try it I did, and it was really nice!  I was thinking of mixing sprinkles right into it but some people don't like that, so I just put some on top, and yummo!  I can see making this again, for sure.

  I will say it is a very rich ice cream, like Ben and Jerry's rich, so a little goes a long way.  I will be eating this for weeks I think.  No sharing either, because I was too lazy to scoop it out when I first made it and now it is way too hard

So this is a few weeks old, I am going to have to throw it out, I have not touched it and Hubby and Pork Chop would not even look at it.

Also thanks for the kind comments and emails, I am doing well.  Some times I just have to let it out.  Hubby is awesome, Pork Chop?  Well he has been extra sweet, giving me hugs and all.  Gotta love that.  I have plans to get back to my baking next week.  My mom and Hubby are taking me to a huge sweet and desert show this weekend, it will be like shopping for shoes;  just way better.
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Pamela said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. Sorry it didn't work out better, I hate it when I put a lot of time and effort into making something and then don't even like it.

Connie Mercer said...

only you will show us new things!!! It looks so good but I agree not in the freezer!!!

Erin said...

Cake batter ice cream? Oh the potential. I hate it when I'm so excited for something to be delicious and it's not. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Because then what do you do with it? I take it to work and my co-workers eat it =o)

Gina Kleinworth said...

Sounds pretty good. I have been meaning to try to put a cake batter ice cream recipe together for a while now. Sounds so good.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I love my ice cream maker. Ice cream is soooo good, especially cake batter!

Cooking on a Dime said...

I have been thinking about getting an ice cream maker. I do love custard based ice creams!

Mary Ellen said...

I am sorry to hear from your last few posts about what is going on :-( Makes me so sad. You have such a great contribution here on your blog.

I love homemade ice cream, but you are right - sometimes the weird ones do not get eaten. I learned that the hard way!