Thursday, October 11, 2012

School Zone Safety Survey and Insurance Protection

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.


This post is going to be near and dear to my heart.  We recently had an accident as I have shared here.  And when I was offered the opportunity to share some great information from Insurance Hunters, I was all "this is just perfect!"  Because there is no way in the world I would ever drive without insurance, and I want to make sure that my readers know all they can, and find the easiest way to get the best coverage for them.  This post is brought to you by insurance hunters, all opinions are my own.


 So I was given a lot to read about, the results of some really in depth surveys.  Basically they asked parents about how they feel about their kids, and how safe they feel while they are on their way to and from school.


See that right there is my Pork Chop, and I have fears like any other parent that he could get hurt while on his way to and from school. I know how I drive, but I cannot control how others do.  Look at that face!  I don't know what I would do if he was hurt.


  In our accident it was a weekend and the other driver was younger.  But it could have happened any day, and where and with any age driver.  We are so blessed that our insurance is able to be there for us.  And I know that when we were looking for insurance before we did it the old way.  I just renewed with who we had the year before.  Now though, I really think there is a better way. Insurance Hunters is there to help you, give you options and such.


  In the survey Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zonesInsurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones Insurance Hunters found that 1/3 of the parents they polled worried about their kids while they were being dropped off or picked up from school.  And an Ontario surveyOntario School Zone Safety SurveyOntario School Zone Safety Survey said of the parents polled more than 3/4 witness unsafe driving in school zones.  I am sure you have, I can tell you on the days I take Pork Chop to school or the bus, there are people doing many stupid things.  Can you say not watching the road, not stopping at stop signs, parking right in the middle of the road to get their kids out to the bus stop.  Those are just a few, and I am not about swearing my head off.  Hubby tells me I need to stop swearing, but seriously, these parents are nuts!


 But not only the parents, they also found that over 1/5 of people surveyed said they had to swerve to not hit a student on or near school property.  In the age of phones and i pods, these kids just are not paying attention like they should.  Also 13% stated they them selves, their kids or care givers have been or have almost been hit in a school zone.  That is a very high percentage to me, making me even more nervous.  I may have to put Pork Chop in a plastic bubble. He might even like it!


What it basically comes down to is people, whether they are a parent, a teacher, a caregiver, a student or just someone in the area.  They need to obey the rules of the road.


  Just some basic statistics from the survey where unsafe driving was seen were:


74% reported witnessing speeding in school zones

68% witnessed people on their phones or texting

37% witnessed drivers not stopping at cross walks

20% witnessed drivers not stopping for crossing guards

19% witnessed drivers running red lights.


Okay as soon as I am done this post, I am going to start making Pork Chop his bubble, those numbers are really scary to me.


  There are so many more facts in this survery that I really think any parent should read.  And if you have a new or young driver, they should be made aware, some of them may be driving to school and they need to know how dangerous it is out there.  


  You can find the survey results here and I highly recomend that you read it and share it, I know that Hubby won't be shocked.  He drives Pork Chop 99% of the time, but for those like me that don't go often, it was a real eye opener.


  Also take the time to check out Insurance Huntersauto insuranceauto insurance, becasuse no matter how careful you are, there are always going to be bad drivers out there.

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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

It is definitely a scary world out there. I'd put Alexa in a bubble too if I could.

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