Monday, February 25, 2013

How I Made My Kitchen Aid Awesome!

So many things have been going on recently, that have kept me from blogging.  I choose to believe it's life that got in the way, when it is probably just me being lazy.  I can say it, I love a good lazy day, or two 

  So to try and be productive and such I wanted to share my little Kitchen Aid remodel that I did for Hubby.  The last time I decorated my Kitchen Aid, he was less than pleased.   Which stinks, because it was awesome!!!! But at the time I promised him that if I ever got a bigger Kitchen Aid we would decorate it how he wanted. Boy was I stupid, but whatever, I did it anyway, because I love him, and I wanted to let him know I care enough to share my mixer.

This is the picture they sent me, how cool is that!

So I could not remember what I had promised him, but I went back and read that he wanted an Avengers style.  And then I was all "really?"  And then I figured, fine might as well.  I am cool like that.  I wanted to use decals, because it is not permanent and I can change it at any time if he pisses me off. 

I contacted the same company I used on Etsy for my Laptop decal, the same one I used on my old mixer. Showcase 66.  I sent them a note sort of telling them what I wanted, which was basically not helpful.  I said I wanted an Avengers set of decals, and they could do whatever they wanted.  They asked me who Hubby's favorite was. So I had to ask him, because what do I know about this stuff.

And I love that they send you two copies, that means you can use the others for your car or you know anything.

So I sent Hubby an email.

"Hubby, for no real reason, who is your favorite Avenger, and if it's the chick I will cut you."

His reply was something like, "The green guy, the red guy, the purple guy and then the other red guy."

He used their actual names, what do I know, I was just glad my hubby was smart enough to not even include the girl in his list.

So I sent that info off to the store, and then had to endure Hubby asking me why I wanted to know, and that could it be this, or this or what could it be.  I told him to stop pestering me that no matter what he thought it was, it would not be as cool.  I mean it is cool, but when you have a comic book nerd as a Hubby, they think of dolls ( action figures they call them) or books ( graphic novels)  Seriously I told him, just pretend I never asked, it will be something silly.  So he sort of gave up asking, because in his mind, I was getting him a personalized Avengers action figure with kung fu grip or something.  Silly man.

I cut the pictures out and worked one at a time.  Just smooth on and rub it well with a credit card. And yes I know that totally sounds dirty, but it's my blog so I can put smutty descriptions in here if I want.

Showcase 66 sent me some great ideas, and I was all, "that is great, I love it!"  Because the idea looked really cool, and it was sort of nerdy enough that I didn't get it, so I knew Hubby would.   So I just had to wait for the decals to arrive and I was going to get it all done.

Please ignore the flashy pictures, I was in a rush.
So when they arrived I was so excited, but I had a cake to make for Hubby and he was in the house with me.  So I made the cake and told him I needed stuff from the store, or gas for the car or something.  I cannot remember really.  He went out and I raced to get this thing done.  Now I should tell you I got this done in about 10 minutes.    First, I went back to check the email that I got to show me how the layout was and then I wiped my mixer off and stuck everything on.  Now I had to alter it just a tiny bit, as the picture they used had no handle on it, but no big deal it still worked out awesome!
I know all these people, Iron Man, The hulk and The Arrow, and no I didn't google that.  I am just that good!
So I got it all set up and put it back on the counter, but sort of sticking out so Hubby would see it when he got home.  And he never noticed it, he is super that way, totally notices everything.  Which actually works out for me.  I may have been piling stuff in the basement, around my craft table in a crazy way.  And it was looking like a mountain but he never noticed.  Until this week, so yeah, usually the not noticing works in my favor.

  Anyway I finally had to say "can you look at my mixer it was acting funny"

And he was all "you just used it, it was fine."

 Seriously, that a hint man!

And he giggled and said "neat!"  then he sat down and ate diner.  And that is how I geeked out my Kitchen aid.  And made my Hubby the coolest mixer ever.
This is the chick, she got put at the bottom, where no one will  see her.  Stupid hot chick in tight stuff.

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Katrina said...

Fun to just do whatever you want to a KA, never really thought of that.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I've used vinyl decals on plenty of stuff, but never though to use them on my mixers! Fun stuff!

Connie Mercer said...

well as long as he is happy, right! Sue I don't even know about this stuff either:):)

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I totally want to trick out my KA!!!

Jeni said...

I love this! I was just looking at my red boring KA this morning thinking it needed some tattoos or something!

Paula said...

That's one decked out Kitchen Aid! Hope your husband helps with the clean up whenever he uses it :)

Accidentally Wonderful said...

If my kitchenaide looked like this, maybe my hubby would cook more!

Erin said...

That's hysterical. I want to decorate my Kitchen Aid now!

Tam said...

the side with the words looks really cool.
Men! He should've had his jaw dropped in awe.

Unknown said...

The phrase is perfect! Thanks for bringing this to the Oldie's party! Hope to see you back there next week.

Unknown said...

How fun!! Thanks for sharing at Two Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker. I've pinned it!

Jan said...

I LOVE IT! I got a white Kitchen Aid for Christmas and was thinking of putting the first names of all the great women who have taught me to cook, my grandmothers, stepmothers, M-in-L,etc. Then maybe when it gets handed down my daughter can add names too! Still thinking about it, not sure yet.