Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Cake For Daddy

The demolition derby cake.
  So Hubby is the first birthday of the year in our house.  And as such, I try to make is special.  Okay not really, I just use it as an excuse to make a cake.  Which I sort of hate.  Cakes are hard, I don't like having to make them all perfect.  And you have to cut them, and that means sharing.  I don't share well, I want my own thing, you have yours and no touching!  So I do it because I love him, and because Pork Chop thinks it's fun.

  Last year I had the bright idea to cover Hubby's cake in gummy candy.  He would live off of gummy bears if he could, I actually think he tries to some days.  Anyway, I took Pork Chop to the bulk store last year and we loaded up, I mean I don't know what I was thinking really.  We had enough to cover like 10 cakes.  Or as Pork Chop proved, one cake.

 I was hoping for something different this year, I was all ready to do cupcakes, and thought Pork Chop would agree. So I asked him what he wanted to make.  And the little bugger remembered last year and said he wanted to make a demolition derby cake.
The set up.  I put out like 1/15 of the candy that I did last year. Still too much.
  Now to most people a demolition derby cake would be cool, not to me.  What it was is he took as many gummy cars as he could and shoved them into the frosting, into the cake and piled them on. Then he added gummy bears, gummy worms and gummy coke bottles, I think I even got sour ones.  EWWW.  Poor Hubby was trying to eat it, but he had a pile of frosting covered gummies and just a little bit of cake.  Oh well, it's not about him anyway, it's about Pork Chop being able to show his love by decorating a cake for Daddy.
See it started out so well, he was placing them. Then he  started to throw them on.  In handfuls.
  So we set to work, we made a box mix cake, because Hubby loves cherry chip cake.  ( I don't hate it, but I am sort of against it, unless there is chocolate it is just wrong!)

 I baked it in a 9x13 pan.  Then once it was cooled I made frosting.  I have no idea why, but I cannot make frosting for that man.  I can do it every other time, but for him something always goes wrong. One year I made it so thin, the top layer of the cake fell off.  Then this year, I somehow made the butter and milk all lumpy.  I still just kept adding sugar until it sort of smoothed out. I was not too worried, I knew half would end up in the trash.
See, still sort of good.
  So I put a thick layer of frosting on, then Pork Chop went to town.  But I stood there and said things like:

"that looks great, I bet that is plenty."

"wow look at all those candies, I bet that is enough."

"I think you have too many on there."

"for the love of all that is holy stop!"

Okay maybe not that dramatic, but it makes for good blog writing.  
And then I tried to get a picture.  Those of you with kids know, they don't co operate.

Which means you take like 20 pictures.

And they start to eat the candy to make you stop.
So when he was done I let him lick some frosting off the beaters and we hid the cake in the fridge with a note on the lid that said "top secret, keep out Daddy."
Look how tall he is!

Why is he getting so big!
I'm going to have stop feeding him, it's the only solution.

Then the next day we said happy birthday to Daddy, he asked Pork Chop where his 34 candles were. And I gave him a dirty look and went to work.  

The end!

So wrong!


Heather McMullin said...

The cakes that your kids decorate are always the best and cutest! (cutest is totally a word)


Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment said...

I always buy too many supplies too - better tho have too many than not enough is what I always say! Pork Chop is getting big - even from when I started reading your blog he looks bigger. Why do they grow so fast?? Happy Birthday to your husband!

Katrina said...

So wrong--yet so right to let the little guy do it. He'll remember that!