Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mini Garlic Bread made with Biscuit Dough-Monkey Bread Style

Right out of the oven, and these are "home made" because you use real butter.  It's a rule, trust me.

  I saw this a while ago, and you know it caught my attention right away.  Why?  It is made with pre made biscuit dough.  I can work with that!

  So to make these I sort of just winged it.  Because when I bake I follow recipes to the letter, but when I cook I just sort of throw things together.  I am gifted that way, or not.  I hate cooking, so maybe that says something.  Anyway, I figure since these are savoury they are cooking, don't argue with me, it won't help.
This is all you need, please excuse the yucky cookies in the back ground.  

  To start I turned the oven to 375, because that is what it was already at after baking some cookies.  Then I got my kitchen scissors and washed them, they were clean, but I am paranoid you know.  Then my favorite part, I took the tube of biscuits and popped that bad boy open.  I still squeal a little when it pops, it scares me, even though I know it's going to happen.

Super amazing muffin tin garlic bread thingies
makes 6

You will need :
1 tube biscuit dough
1/4-1/2 cup butter melted
3 TBSPs minced garlic
some sort of shredded cheese, as much as you want

My goodness it looks so pale and blah.

  Then I cut each round into four and put it all in a bowl.  I melted about half a cup of butter and mixed in about 3 TBSP's of chopped garlic.  We buy the big bottles of it already chopped.  Once when we bought it whole and I chopped it myself, I got a burn on my hand from it.  I had pealed like 6 pounds of garlic.  So this is just way cheaper and easier.

  So I mixed the butter and garlic and some really finely shredded mozzarella, because that is what I had, and then poured it over the dough.  Then I stuck my hands in, realized I had not taken a picture, washed my hands and took a picture, then tossed them all together to coat them.

As you can see, it's mess with all that butter, but so worth it.  Don't forget to put the muffin tin on top of a cookie sheet just in case it drips.

  I used a regular muffin pan and put 6-7 pieces in each cavity, I ended up with six muffins.  I poured the extra butter and garlic on top because it seemed like a waste.  Then I put a bit more cheese on top.  And I then put the muffin tin on a cookie sheet, because knowing my luck and all that butter, it was going to get messy.
Right out of the oven, I should have let them bake a few minutes longer the inside was done, but still a bit doughy.

  So I put them into the oven and they ended up needing about 15 minutes, to be brown and crispy on the outside.  Then I pulled them out, took a picture and sat down to eat one.  Um, it was amazing!  So good in fact that I ate another, and that was my whole diner.  Because I am not supposed to eat bread, it is so heavy. I then felt bad and put the rest away for Hubby.  When I went to wash the trays, I found that the butter had leaked out of the muffin pan a lot, so I was really glad I had used the cookie sheet to catch it.  Could you imagine cleaning that up?  Neither could I, so it would have been bad.
I love how you get to pull it apart, so good!

 Anyway, I so want to make these again when I have a nice diner, which won't be often because I don't do nice diners, Hubby does but not me.  I make a mean cookie, but that cannot always be diner, right?


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I'd probably cut down on the garlic when I made these (only because I don't like a strong garlic flavor) but maybe I'd just call them cheese biscuits instead. LOL! :)

Sarah (Canterbury Cakes) said...

I love garlic bread and the addition of cheese can only be an improvement. What a fabulous idea to make individual breads like this - no more arguing over who's taken more than their share...or perhaps not? ;o)

Connie the Cookie Monster said...

OMG these look so good. but im afraid that if i make them i won't be able to stop at just one!

The Better Baker said...

Oh I am SO sure I would just love simple recipes like this and being able to use prepackaged ingredients now and then too. Thanks much for leaving a nice comment at my blog recently. I'll be back to visit you...enjoy a wonderfully sweet Valentine week.

Bobbie said...

I'm pretty sure my husband is going to go crazy for these!! Thanks for sharing!

Christine@ Projects Around the House said...

These look amazing! I love garlic. Yum!
Chrisitne @

Jan said...

These look amazing! Bet they smelled great too!

Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment said...

Cookies definitely constitute dinner! The garlic bread looks good too - but I prefer cookies too :)

BreAna {Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced} said...

YUM! These look amazing! What a great idea!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow I would say you have Red Lobster beat on great rolls.

Unknown said...

I'll definitely be making these. Thanks for stopping I'm following. Stop back over any time.

Unknown said...

These look delicious!!