Monday, March 5, 2012

Easy Pie's For Kids

Look at how cute he is!
Before I get really into this post I wanted to share with you the adorable cupcake charm that my winner designed with Peggy of The Glass Chef.  My winner wanted a pink cupcake with vanilla frosting and pink sprinkles.  She said she was thrilled to see this, and so am I.  And now I think I want another one, darn it!  Thanks again to my readers and to Peggy for being so awesome and working with us on this.

How cute is that?
And just to let you know my next post will be another give away, this time a baking related one, you won't want to miss it!

Okay now back to our regular stuff.

So Pork Chop had a little play date on Friday night, you know the night when I like to do my baking.  And this play date was with the little friend who had preciously informed me that anything other than a baking craft was unacceptable.  Yeah, it was going to be one of those nights.

  So on the way home I hit the bulk store and grabbed a few tubs and got a little bit of different pie fillings.  Then I got some pre made pie crust at the grocery store.  And I was all set.

  I thought how fun and easy this would be for the boys.  It was, but poor Pork Chop was upset at how messy his were, but I told him they were great and that Daddy would love them.  When I told Hubby, he was not happy, he didn't want to eat them.  So we had to toss them and tell Pork Chop that Daddy ate them all.  Seriously; poor kid.

  Anyway to do this all you need it the pie filling, pre made crust, a cookie cutter, fork and egg wash.
I used a heart cutter and let the boys cut out whatever they wanted.

So I rolled out the crust and helped the boys by cutting them out each 5 hearts.  This was just before Valentines if you have not figured that out yet.  Then I gave them a few fondant cutters so they could make designs in the crusts.  Once they were done I gave them 5 more crusts and let them put in the filling they wanted.  I had blueberry, cherry and apple.  I did dice the apple filling up because it was full of huge apple chunks.  
See how serious he is.

Here he is painting his pies and telling me how horrible they look.  Poor guy.

Pork Chops friend was so neat, and poor Pork Chop was all over the place.  Then I helped them put the tops on and we used a fork to seal the edges.  Then I let them paint their pies with egg wash,  and put the cut out bits back on to decorate and into the oven at 350 until they were done, I think it was about 12 minutes.  I forgot to time it.

These are his friends.

These are mine.

Bet you cannot guess who made these ones.

They turned out really great, Pork Chop tried a bite and said it was gross.  His friend was happy and I hardly had to do anything.  I may have to rethink these play dates.  I didn't have kids to be involved with them.  Right?
Sorry, you all just need another picture of Pork Chops work.  At least I learned and put down parchment paper, easy enough to clean.

No?  Fine, well at least he still likes doing things with me, I bet I will be complaining about how he doesn't want to be seen with me in a few years.  I sort of can't wait, I have so many plans to be "that" Mom.  You know the one, the one who wears pink sweat pants and a sweat band to school.  Oh and I will sing the current songs really loud in the car, with the window open when I go to pick him up anywhere.

That right there, that is how you justify all the stuff you do for them, because eventually they are going to be too cool for you.  And you can come up with ways to prove them right.  I think that will be a good time in my life, no play dates, lots of sweat pants and singing.

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Stephanie said...

These look so yummy! I love love love letting my kids help in the kitchen, they usually help with lunch and dinner each day! I'm glad you liked my V-Day candy leftovers solutions! I am with you...I throw away so much candy...well, not the chocolate! :-)
Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Wow, this is a lovely project to do with kids. and i am sure they tasted delicious anyway :-).
thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment on my cake in a jar. got me to visit you.
am your newest follower and would be honored if you would like to follow back, but no hard feelings if not :-)
have a lovely day

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Such a fun idea, Sue! Sorry your son was so down on his finished product. :(

Connie Mercer said...

So cool looks delish! Love it that your son is so interested in what you do and finds fun in it even if he wasn't happy at the end with his designs:(!!!

Murphy's Law said...

They look yummy and its cool that your son likes hanging with you. Run with that as far as you can.

scrappymo! said...

I think they look great!!!
Best of all was that he made them with Mom and his friend!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Oh, play dates. I love them and hate them at the same time. I think, they are here to play, why do they need me? But then inevitably there are needs like food and furniture moving and squabbles. Oy. These pies are great, what a great way to keep the kids occupied!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I think these little pies are cute and yummy looking! Your little guy did a great job!

Candy said...

So cute. I miss having a little one to help in the kitchen! said...

Thanks for visiting Grateful Belly, I love reading comments! I just signed up to follow you:)

Maria @ JustCallMeMaria said...

What a great activity! I love getting kids involved in the kitchen

JenMarie said...

I think they look great, even your sons'. These would be one of my favorite things to eat, though since I love fruit pies more than life itself. So, I wouldn't have thrown anything away!!! :) Awesome that you found a fun project to do with his play date.

April Oliver said...

Love this idea! I'll have to do this with my 4 year old.

New follower from Whatever Goes Wednesday.

Can't wait to read more!!

Erin said...

How fun is this?!?! I just love having little helpers in the kitchen!!!

Katrina said...

Love the heart shaped mini pies! Great idea.