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The time we met the Mayor and named the new Subway in Toronto

So this is totally not a baking post, but I am running a bit behind in my baking posts so I thought this is Cakeballs, Cookies and More right?  So this will be in the More category.  It also gives me an excuse to show off my hot bod.  I know that last part is totally made up, but if anyone does a google search for cakeballs and hot bod, I have them covered. 

The small picture's are off my cell phone so they are not the best.  Anyway, this is my train! And by mine, I mean I named it, but didn't pay for it, if I could I so would, how cool would  it be to own your own subway train.  I would stop at all the stops and open the window and yell, sorry this is my train, don't even think of trying to get on.  Then I would dance all over. Ya, I wouldn't have many friend probably.  But I would have a pony on my train, I mean if I had the money why not? Don't pretend like you wouldn't too. 
Anyway this all started way back in 2006, I think.  I was looking for a cheaper way to get to and from work. I work downtown and drive in every day.  In looking for another solution I checked out the website for our subway. We call it the TTC, Toronto Transit Commission.  When I looked I happened to see that they had some contest going, a name the new subway contest.  The winner would get a one year subway pass.  That was cool, but I never win anything so never really thought it would happen. The new train was going to be commissioned and they planned to put the first one into service in the next year or so.  Yeah, that was back in 2006 people.

Pork Chop in the drivers seat, I told him to try and look like he was driving.  If this is how he is going to drive, he is never touching my car. 

My paparazzi, they may have been there for the train, but I choose to believe I was the big draw. 
There were even police, I am that famous!

So I wracked my brain for oh, 10 seconds, to come up with the most amazing name ever.  I picked something that I thought the TTC would like, as I wanted to win.  Growing up the slogan for the subway was "Ride the Rocket."  I will at this time not make the obvious joke about that and move on.  I do, however, reserve the right to come back at any time and do so.

 Be warned.

But on a nice note, that slogan was something I remember from my childhood so I wanted to keep it going somehow.

I am a little mad my name is not on the front of the train, but you know,  I cannot have everything.
This is the podium, and while they were talking I was right there, feeding Pork Chop snacks, I am so the best mom ever.
So "Ride the Rocket"  that is what I worked with, and so I decided the new subway trains would need to be named something amazing, something cool, something, well, I don't know. Just something. So the first thing that popped into my head was "The Toronto Rocket"  I submitted it and forgot all about it.

Until,  I got a message at home saying I had won.  Now I never win anything, much less something that was a big contest like this.  At the time they announced that I won, I was all, yay!  Then I was all, oh no, people are going to see me, as there was supposed to be a big event when the train launched.  Remember I was at my heaviest around then.  Well, what could I do I won something.

Little did I know there was a bunch of people on line making fun of me for my lame choice in names.  I mean someone even said they were embarrassed they lived in the same city as me.  I found this out after the train went into service in 2010 and I was looking for pictures to print out for my son.  Ya, I could never be really famous, I was hurt.  No thick skin here at all. Although with lots of money I could have someone to be upset for me, that could work. Or just get them to hunt down the meanies and call them names. That will show them.

So fast forward like what, 4 years?  And I get a few emails saying there are going to be events, but they were all last minute and I could not get out of work on short notice you know.  So finally they gave me a bit of notice about the first run of the train, I did not want to miss that.  My goodness, my son could tell his grand kids he rode the maiden voyage of the subway.  And yes I doubt he will be telling the story, but you know, I am dramatic.  So I managed to get the day off and went.

The plan was to drive to work then subway it to the station to meet up and be there and I had no idea what else.  So of coarse there was a traffic accident and we were late, but we made it at least 10 minuted earlier than the mayor, so hey, I was on time.

This is one of the professional picture, I give credit at the end  for the good pictures to the nice person who took them.  As you can see I am telling Pork Chop something,  what I don't know. And that is a model of my train.
Another professional picture, I am behind them all on the train saying. "smile Pork Chop!"  He didn't smile. And that guy on the left, he cracks me up.  He is so saying "How you doin'!"  You know he totally is!
And here is Pork Chop skipping behind the media and the Mayor with his ribbon, he was mad they would not let him go first I think. 
We got to take pictures of Pork Chop sitting in the driver seat and I got one of both of us.  Keep in mind these are the last pictures of him smiling, the rest he looks so miserable, but he was just shy.  He also loves to wear a baseball hat, so he had to pick another one or no hat.  I think he was cute, and all the people kept telling him they liked his hat.
This was the last professional picture, taken just as they were getting ready to let all the people on.  My head looks like it's floating or something.

Another professional picture, the mayor was nice enough to stop to take with us.   I hate having pictures taken.
So during the press conference he was board but I was prepared!  I brought snacks so my kid ate while the people were talking.  Then they said my name, I sort of looked like a deer in head lights and waved.  Then it was onto the train.  They wanted a photo op cutting the ribbon, but would not let Pork Chop hold the scissors as they were sharp, just look at his face, he was so not liking it.  They took the picture, gave Pork Chop a piece of the ribbon then started doing a tour of the subway.  Pork Chop skipped down the train waving his ribbon and what not.  One of the nice ladies got it signed for us by the mayor and a few other high up people.  I have it in a shadow box for Pork Chop with the button they gave out.

So after that they were going to start the train, they wanted to let Pork Chop in the front but they were not allowed due to something or other.  So we stood at the front and all these people loaded in.  Man there are some die hard train fans, so cute, and at every station they would yell for the people to get on, as it was not the usual train.  So funny. Pork Chop kept looking at me like this was the craziest thing ever, usually only drunk people are screaming on the subway. Not that he has been on the train with drunks, not yet at least.
It was crowded and people were screaming like crazy.  There was this adorable kid who loved trains and he had on a  t shirt that had the map of the subway, and he knew all sorts of train things.  So cute!

So we rode it back to work, had one of the TV stations talk to us and then we grabbed lunch and went home.  But not after visiting all my "friends" at work.  Pork Chop always wants to see my friends, but then acts all shy and doesn't say anything other than "hi" and "hmm."  He is a real conversationalist in public. Oh and I bought him some lego because he had been so good. That was probably the highlight of the day for him

That night Pork Chop watched TV all night to see himself.  He was not on  TV at all, poor guy.  The big news was the heat, it was super hot and that was the top story.    There was a clip of us walking along the train, but that was it.  He was so upset, so I spent the next day googling for clips, there were a few, mostly of us walking inside the train.
Now anytime the mayor is on  the news Pork Chop asks why there is a new train, if he only knew right?
I took this picture because it was going to be in my scrapbook of "The Amazing Life of Me"  I have yet to start that book, so you know, now it's on the web,it's practically the same thing.

So there were a few professional pictures and a few I took on my phone.  It was darn hot and my feet hurt, and the dress I was wearing makes it look like I have no boobs and I felt fat, and my hair was hot and you know it was not great. ( and I totally know I am whining like a baby, but you know, I have to start my Diva attitude somewhere right?) But, I named a train, and will go down in history as the girl who gave "The Toronto Rocket" it's name.

And was one of the first to ride it.

 (that's what she said!)

All professional pictures by , Derek Stryland

The DIY Dreamer


Paula said...

What a great story. I really enjoyed it. Congratulations on winning the contest to name the train!

Unfortunately, none of your pictures are coming through but your story was an excellent read!

Tam said...

That is cool! congrats to you! You should scrapbook it. BTW - your pics aren't showing.

Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment said...

Cool! Get those pictures fixed so we can see!!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Pork Chop definitely needs to hand this story down to the next generation! Congrats on the win, Sue!

Margie Higuchi said...

OMGosh, Sue!! WOW - congrats on winning the contest!!!! SO COOL~! Great story - thanks for sharing that :)

Murphy's Law said...

ok so that is just WAY cool. way to rocket to the top. lol!! couldn't resist.

Connie Mercer said...

how great you won the naming contest!!! Fabulous story!!!

angie gutshall said...

Great story and pics!

Marian (Sweetopia) said...

Sue! You make me laugh!
First of all, looove that you named The Toronto Rocket! I live close to a legend!
I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog, and I'm really going to try and visit more often... I'm terrible for commenting on blogs so I can't promise, but I will try. Most of the time I'm lost in my cookie making/planning/photographing/ and laundry/family/dh/work/maybe-a-workout-in-there-somewhere and a cant-sleep-let's-pin world. But anyways, love that you call him pork-chop, love your comments about him and what he's probably thinking, love your writing style - you're so cute and funny!
Oh and you look fab in the dress, i wouldn't have been able to tell that you felt all those things about it!
One more thing before I ramble on too long... you put yourself down in the other posts about sweets (I can't make that etc.) - I beg to differ, you're awesome at making sweets, I mean LOOK at those cake pop aliens!
Cheerio, xo