Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Filling Cupcakes

I don't know why but these cupcake thingies make me very happy.

So I have a sister, she is a good sister.  Well now; growing up, I thought I may have to kill her.  That's totally normal right?  Well, when you share a car and live in the same house and have totally different lives, it is normal, trust me.

  Anyway, now, now I like her lots more.  She seems to get me now, or she is just playing it safe, because I have big chef knifes at home, and I know how to dig a deep, deep hole if I need to.  Who can really say right?
That is the left over ganache there, which is so yummy.

  So she went on a little trip to the states for her birthday and she got me a few little gadgets.  I may have mentioned I have a thing for kitchen gadgets.  I blame my mom, she has them for everything.  Need a pickle, she has a pickle picker.  Need a itty bitty whisk, she has almost 100 different sizes. Or need a cookie tray, she had almost every one ever invented.  And no I am not totally exaggerating.  Just a little.

And here is the cupcake as I use the tool of death.

And see, a nice big space to put yummy stuff in!

  So my sister found me some cake pop molds, and a cupcake corer thingy.  That is the technical term just in case you were wondering.

It almost looks like ice cream, so now that is what I want to do next!

 So far I have used it twice, and so far I hate it.  Well  I like it, I hate that it makes me want to eat my cupcakes even more.  So it's a love hate relationship.  My goodness, she must really have it out for me!

Oh my goodness, this stuff is good.  Like I would sell Pork Chop good, but that is not saying much, he is driving me crazy on the summer break.

  So the first time I had an extra cupcake and some left over chocolate ganache from those cream puffs.  And I know left over ganache should never happen, but I made a big batch and I am only one little person.  By the way I ate ganache and strawberries for a few days.  It's totally healthy if there is fruit in it.

I don't know why you needed to see this picture.

  So to use this mind blowingly crappy tool of the devil, you just push it into your cupcake, as far down as you want, then pull it back out. The core of the cupcake will be in the tool and you will have this huge space in your cupcake which you totally need to fill with stuff.  So I used my tiny ice cream scoop and filled it with chocolate ganache that was cooled and set up.  Then you can take the core out of the tool and push it back into your cupcake.  Or, you can just pop that core right into your mouth and run for a bowl so you can eat that cupcake before your Pork Chop sees it.

Or this one, but you know, it's in focus, I have to try and show the good pictures.

 Sorry, I have issues.

  So the second time I did these, it was because I had gotten this super awesome amazing stuff that all the cool USA baking bloggers have been using.  It is called Biscoff spread.  I choose to call it "Orgasm in a jar" Which is sort of gross, but not so gross that I won't eat it.  I have some standards. They are not high, but I have them.

It looks just like peanut butter, but totally has no nuts.  As far as I could tell from the label any way.  And I told Hubby it totally had nuts, just in case he got stupid and wanted to try it.

  So I made cupcakes again, in my super cute tea cup silicon cupcake holder things.  Oh my goodness, I have drooled over these for a while on line, and then one day, in the warehouse store, there they were.  And I picked them up, and may have screamed a little.  Then I had to explain to Pork Chop why it was okay to make that noise when you are touching baking items, and I got them.  For the love of all that is holey, I need an intervention!

See that core, you can totally just eat it. Or put it back in, either way.

  So anyway, I used the coring tool and you know, cored out my cupcake.

 Does that sound dirty to anyone else?



 Fine.  Well I did that and then I used my ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake.  I then smooshed the core back into the cupcake.  You could totally trim it off if you want even cupcakes.  But I knew it would not last longer than 2 minutes so whatever.  Then I iced them with some simple butter cream.  I made two chocolate ones, and ate one right away.  Felt sick.  Then I ate the next one the next day, and felt sick.  Holy jeez were they sugary.  But oh so good.

See how sloppy the icing is?  Well I was in a rush and just wanted to eat one, so pretend they look all pretty.

  I also made two plain vanilla ones for Hubby, which I might add are still sitting on the dining room table, almost 8 days later.  What is wrong with him? They will end up in the trash I think. ( small update, they got tossed out, sigh.)

  Anyway, long story short.  My sister is awesome, except when she gets me devil tools that make me want to eat more cupcakes.

 The end.

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Jess's Journal said...

I remember your mother's gadgets in her kitchen!! I envied them... as I wanted all of them...

Loving the cupcakes... they are dangerous little suckers... aren't they??

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

You are such a riot, Sue! I love cupcakes and now I have a craving for one!

Murphy's Law said...

LOL Sue!!! Love the commentary and those cupcakes. OHMYYUM.

Connie Mercer said...

um~I think I'll put the core back in:) so i have more yummy to eat!!! Looks super good!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the gadget ;) Next time I'll have to find something even more cupcake related!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Oooh, I love that you filled them with biscoff!!!

Unknown said...

Haha my sister and I have the saaaaame sort of relationship growing up! But your cupcakes look absolutely delicious! [even if they were made with an instrument of the devil hahaha]

Erin said...

Awesome! I need one of those thingies! I love kitchen gadgets too and have one of those pickle pickers but it reminds me of something that would be on the Terminator picking some probe out of someone's brain through their nose. Right?

Your cupcakes look and sound AMAZING!!! I'd like 2 right now for breakfast!

Paula said...

Your sister was sweet to pick up a few kitchen/baking things for you and it certainly looks like you are having a lot of fun putting them to good use.

Christine said...

Oh Yum!!!! They look great!! The icing looks WONDERFUL!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

Love Bakes Good Cakes said...

I always wanted a sister growing up! I had 2 brothers - and I think it's normal to want to kill your siblings :)I love that little cupcake gadget! Thanks for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends last week. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll share this week! Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes