Thursday, August 23, 2012

S'more Bark

These marshmallows really are so cute, I could look at them all day.

 Well this is going to be a short and sweet post.  Sorry couldn't help myself, sweet, get it?

 Okay never mind, I just need to fill up space here people.

  So this is another one of those, I had left over stuff, and it was easier to make something then clean it all up.  So after my Cheesecake pops and my S'more cookies I had some left over melted chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow bits.  I mean seriously if I didn't know how to put that together, I should not be allowed to eat chocolate ever again.

And this right here, this is where I make left overs tasty again.
This is all you need, the chocolate was already in the microwave when I realized I forgot to take a picture.

I know a little dramatic, but you know, I have to pump myself up somehow.

At this point I worried the stuff would not mix together well.

S'more Bark
By me, but I am sure it has been done before

-graham cracker crumbs
-melted candy melts or chocolate
-baby marshmallows

But it did, just perfectly.
  Mix your crumbs and chocolate until all smooth, then add about half of your marshmallows.  Mix again.  Then you can either spread it out on parchment on a cookie sheet or as I do, because I like things to be all the same shape, put it in a piping bag without a tip and fill whatever mold you want to.  Then before it sets sprinkle on the rest of your marshmallows.
I used a piping bag to try and not be too messy.  The word it "tried"I never said it worked.
  That's it people.  I did not give measurements as it was just left overs, but you want enough of the crumbs in the chocolate so you can actually taste it and it also depends on how much you want.  I used a silicone mold and just put it in the freezer, when they were set I popped them out, easy peasy.  I used the little left over I had and put it on parchment on a plate.  I like the look of bark but hate the different sizes, I may be a little OCD on that, but whatever, it's my bark.
And I always have a bit left over, so I just put it on a plate.  I hate breaking it up, I like uniform things.
 So there you go, how to be amazing and not have to clean up as much all in one post!
And see how easy that was?

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Nicky @ Pink Recipe Box said...

Yum! I've never seen s'mores bark before. Now I can't wait to try it!. Pinning :)

Murphy's Law said...

Oh yum! Cool take on a classic fav!

Connie Mercer said...

I would have "so" never thought of doing that!!! they look yumo!!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

oh dear gosh - this is deadly!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...


Paula said...

Easy and delicious!

Erin said...

Oh yum! I like them all the same size too. It makes it look "fancy" =o) I used to have those plates (the Pfaltzgraff ones) However you spell that dang word. I still have the frame and birdcage in my kitchen but not the set anymore. Love it!

The Mandatory Mooch said...

Wow, these look amazing. Thanks so much for linking up to Tasty Thursdays on The Mandatory Mooch. I hope you will link up again. The party will be live tonight.

Thanks, Nichi