Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cake Boss Black And White Cookies, Take Two

Wow  I didn't realize how ugly this picture was until now.  Oh well, they tasted awesome.  And I only know this because I may have eaten about 40 of them.
 So way back last year, I got to meet he Cake Boss, not a huge meeting, just a "thanks for watching"  sort of thing at a book signing.  It was neat because Pork Chop got to give him a few treats and he was really excited to meet a celebrity.  Anyway, we got a book and I poured over it for things to make.  And the first thing I made were these black and white cookies.  That was before Christmas last year.  And ever since then I have wanted to make them again.

 Once you taste these you will understand, they are like sugar pillows covered in a sugar blanket.  Which if you try not to think of actually eating a pillow or a blanket, is really yummy.  I made them the way the Cake Boss said at first.  And they were great, but they were huge.  And in being huge I could only eat one, and even then it was a stretch, those were sure some big cookies.
These are them, they were still big, I used my smaller cookie scoop and they still turned out big.

  At the time I swore to myself that I would make them again, and make them smaller and that I would not get sick eating them.  I kept two of those promises.  Bet you cannot guess which ones.

  So I did exactly like I did last time, except this time Pork Chop was not having any of it.  He was all "I don't want to help!"  And I was all "well I don't want your help!"  And he was all "fine!"  and I was all "Fine!"  And that really didn't happen.  I just asked him if he wanted to help and he said "No thank you."  But that does not make for good blog reading, so you pick the story you like best.
So this time, I tried to again spread the icing, but again it globbed up so I just dribbled it on, worked great.  And on my word, I never once licked the icing bowl.  Oh but I so wanted to!
  So here is the last post with the recipe I used.  The only difference was that I doubled the batch.  I got a butt load of cookies.  And that translates to I forgot to count.  But I has so many I think people at work were sick of them buy the end of the week.  Also I left them out in a box and they still seemed nice and soft about 4 days later.  But if you are normal they won't last that long.  My friends at work are on a summer schedule and as such it is too hot to eat too many.  Or at least that is what I tell myself.

  I cannot tell you how much I love these, seriously as soon as I ate the last one I was wanting to make more.  To preserve the somewhat enlarged butt I have going on, I won't. For now at least.


Mary Ellen said...

Taste testing needs to be thorough though, right? :-) Yum black and white cookies. I see these everywhere now and yours look awesome!

Paula said...

I'm all in for any cookies dipped in chocolate. Wish I was one of your co-workers ;)

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Taste testing is a total rule. I soooo want these cookies!

Erin said...

A sugar pillow dipped in more sugar? I'm totally in!!! They look so cool. Pinning them. Thanks!

Izzy Anderson said...

I love pillow cookies. I am afraid to make these for fear I might eat the whole batch! They look and sound great.