Thursday, October 25, 2012

Perry the Platypus Marshmallows

This is supposed to be a platypus treat, so just pretend you see it OK?

 So I am finally starting to get stuff together for Pork Chops party, which is happening soon.  I usually have stuff done by now, but due to how things have been, well I am way behind.  So that meant I had to cut some things.  Like I was going to make and decorate sugar cookies, and have a craft and all this stuff.  But since I have very little time, we will do what we can.

  Also Pork Chop had his dental surgery yesterday.  It was awful.  He is at home with Hubby today being a baby on the sofa, eating crackers and drinking water.  He was so upset yesterday he actually just wanted to hold my hand while he was laying in bed with us.  I hate seeing him sad, but it had to be done.  So now on to more happy things. Like deformed platypus treats!
This is how I do my pans for marshmallows, this time I used cooking spray and lots of icing sugar.  

  Pork Chop originally wanted a Lego Ninjago party.  Which I was okay with, until I looked and couldn't find any themed party stuff for it.  Now I don't go crazy, but I like to have some napkins and a few things so that the theme ties together.  So I looked on line and found Agent P stuff.  You know from Phineas and Ferb?  Well I talked him into it, and he said fine as long as I made Lego man chocolates, I said fine and that is how I got my way.  Sort of.

See how little icing sugar is on the table?  Well I wiped it off before I took a picture, so  at least I am learning something.

  So we looked in the local party city and they did not have the stuff, and the staff just gave me the "I don't know?"  When I asked if they were going to get it, or if they knew of another store having it.  So I just figured we would go to the states.  But then the car issue happened and we had to cut out some things we had planned to do.

  Anyway I had planned just to do the colours and maybe tie it together with some printed pictures and printed cupcakes.  But the day we headed to get the colourful stuff at the store, they had the party theme we wanted.  It was a sign, after a few crummy weeks, that at least we could do this for Pork Chop.

As usual my pictures are crappy, but this is nice and orange, you will have to take my word for it.

So I don't do loot bags, usually you get a bag full of tiny little toys that you lose or break and they cost a good amount.  So I do treats, usually a cake pop and something else.

  This first treat is one of those.  I decided to make Perry the Platypus marshmallows.  Now they would not look like him really, but you know, it would work.

  To start I made 4 batches of home made marshmallows, I have the larger mixer so I did two double batches.  I followed the same recipe I have used before, the only difference was I also added a few drops of orange food colouring paste.  I added it to the gelatin water mixture. I figure orange is a good colour for not only Halloween, but it works for the theme. I ended up needing to add lots.  So I went with it.  Now I also made some treats for the dentist, but I will share those later.

Here they are all cut out, you can kind of see how orange they are.
  So the day after making the marshmallows I cut them out using a large square cookie cutter, I use lots of icing sugar to help keep them from sticking.  Then I melted the blue candy melts I had, I added some paraffin crystals too.  It was not a  true Perry colour, but close enough.

  Then I took a large lolli pop stick and dipped it in the chocolate and then pushed it 3/4 of the way into the marshmallow.  I held it until the candy set a bit, as the spongy marshmallows will push the sticks out.

So this is how they looked after I dipped them.  And you all know how I hate working with coloured chocolate.  So I thought it was not bad all considered.
  Then I dipped the whole marshmallow, making sure it was all covered and tapped off the extra.  I stood them in my cake pop stands as I wanted them to be even all over.

  Once that was done I went back and dabbed on two dots of candy and put on candy eye balls. I wanted to do his beak, or whatever you call his mouth, but there is no way I was going to even try to do that.  So I left them as is, bagged them up and I had one treat done!

Now I forgot to actually count out the eye balls, so I ran out,but I had plenty, just not enough to do all the extra ones I wanted to.

  This took me forever since there were a lot and I was tired.  And then I showed Pork Chop and I was all "how do you like your Perry's?"  And he was all "where is the mouth?"  And I was all "I don't know how to do one, so this is it"  He said he would do it, I said no.  And I am ashamed to admit it, but I was PMSing but I had to fight not to cry.  Seriously.  I was so upset, not at him, he is a kid, he doesn't get it, but I wanted them to be perfect for him, and they weren't really.
See not too bad.  And yes I know there is no way to know it 's a platypus, you have to use your imagination.
  I got over it though as it took me like 4 hours to do them all and I was just done.  I also started making his chocolate Lego men, so that will be at least one thing he cannot complain about.  Right?
Even the marshmallows are made at me for not giving them mouths.  I cannot win.  Even my treats judge me!

So next up are the chocolate covered pretzels, cake pops, cupcakes and of course more chocolate Lego men.
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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These are adorable!

Christine said...

I want some!!! They are AWESOME!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at - From Dream To Reality!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Oh, dental surgery. So sorry Sue! I hope he's better today. I love these Perry's!!!

spymay said...

They're cute.You could use cut a piece from a circus peanut to use as the mouth.They're cheap and already the right color.

More Sister Stuff said...

Those are so dang cute! Thanks for sharing!