Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pot of Gold Chocolate Cups

I know I'm a dork, but I want to say "top o the morning" when I see this, or anything St Patrick's day related.  Having chocolate and ice cream would so make my morning.  And I just thought that if you cover it in Irish Cream it would be a really good morning, if not a blurry one, if you know what I mean.
  So I did a few St. Patrick's day related things before it got crazy around my house.  Pork Chop had been sick, home for 3 days and on some heavy medicine.  Hubby had not been feeling great, and I was just feeling run down.  My mood is getting a bit better, but I am still not 100% back to how I want to feel.  The weather is super crazy nice now, so it has to get better. Right?

  Anyway I made these cute chocolate cauldrons last week, and I swear I took pictures of them in the mold and what not, but cannot find them now.  So I am going to blame Hubby, he had to of done it, or a leprechaun.  I think Hubby is the more likely culprit, but you know, I have been wrong before.  (Don't tell Hubby!)

 So basically, I was at the baking warehouse buying a 50 pound box of candy melts, yes 50 pounds.  Which I dropped in the parking lot, right beside my car.  And then I spent about 10 minutes trying to lift it up again and get it into the back seat.  Good news, it did not open.  Bad news, I think my wrist gave out.  All was fine the next day, but I was so upset when I dropped it, what a waste of chocolate that would have been if it had opened.  Anyway, I saw this mold and thought "I need that"  Which I totally did, and you know  I don't ever say that about anything that I may not use.

  So I got the mold and the very next time I was working with candy melts, which was not long after, I tried it out.  The mold is on one sheet of plastic, so you have to cut it in half.  Then I half filled one side with melted candy melts and sort of moved it around.  Then I put the second half of the mold on and clipped it together with cloths pegs.  Then I rolled it all around to make sure the mold was covered on the sides and bottom, I left the top open.  Then I popped it into the fridge for a few minutes, then pulled it out and rotated it again then let it set up for good in the fridge.  It worked out well, there was a bit of leakage which you can removed with a hot knife.  I then put some chocolate mint ice cream in it, because it is green and it's what I had.  Then I ate it.

  Pork Chop wanted the little hat I used in the picture.  I actually picked up that hat in a pack of four at the dollar store.  I had no intention of using it for this, I wanted it so I could use it as a base to make a cute steam punk top hat.  But I had four so I let Pork Chop have one, on the condition that he let me take his picture.

This is the best one because he did not want to stop what he was doing, and kept making faces.  I even told him  I would be putting it on the blog, that just got angry faces, he was in no mood for pictures. Please ignore the fact my steam punk outfit is still sitting in my living room, it is too heavy to move to the basement again, so there it sits until it is finished.

This is our fairy door, for the tooth fairy.  I told Pork Chop that if he was bad and didn't let me take a good picture the leprechaun's would use it and come and pain his toes green or something.  He did not buy it.  He does have a tooth coming out, so at least he still believes in the tooth fairy.  Although he has a plan to catch her, he is mean like that.

So have a great St. Patrick's day, drink a green beer for me.  Hubby and I have a date night, we are going to the home show, without Pork Chop.  This is the first time ever without him.  His Uncle is coming to watch him while we have some adult time. And by adult time, I mean we will be out, and talking about Pork Chop the whole time.  Sigh, I love that little man.



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Sylvia Blum said...

Sue, your chocolate cauldron looks sooooo cool! and I love the idea of having a fairy door for the tooth fairy! awesome! :-)
Sylvia xx

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Your posts always crack me up, Sue! Good thing the box of melts didn't break. If it were me, I may have invoked what my mom called "the 5 second rule" and picked them up anyway. LOL!

Connie Mercer said...

everything you make looks yummy!!!

Paula said...

Love the chocolate cauldrons! Where did you find the molds for them. Would love to see a tutorial (maybe next year?) I'm in love with your fairy door!

Unknown said...

Hey Paula thanks, I got them at the baker warehouse near my house, but I am sure you could find it on line, I will be doing them again for halloween I am sure:) Thanks for visiting!

beti said...

what a cute idea! they look adorable

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

That looks like a really great mold! Love the finished sundae.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Okay, I love that picture of him in the hat. Too funny! I want a baking warehouse near me! 50lb of melts????? This bowl is so cute!

Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment said...

So cute! Make sure you keep us posted and let us know if he catches the tooth fairy! That is hysterical!!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Really cute chocolate cauldron but not as cute as your Pork Chop in the St. Patrick's Day hat :) Lots of fun here!

Canterbury Cakes said...

What a fabulous idea to have a fairy door - I WANT ONE!!!! :o)

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

They turned out so cute and I hope your wrist is feel better! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!