Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They Had A Parade For Me!

This is me, and I sat at that window and did the "Queen wave" I felt like an idiot, since it was not a real float an no one knew who I was, but you know, they will one day.
  Okay, well it wasn't just for me.  I mean they called it the Easter Parade, but you all know it was all about me right? Oh and just to warn you, there are lots of pictures, I mean a bunch.  Which is cool because I think they are all in focus, which is a first for my blog!

 So here are the pictures of us running through the Path system at work, then on the subway platform, I know amazing right! Also this is the start of the parade, as it went down the road the whole sidewalks were filled, it is a big deal apparently.  We never do parades I don't like crowds, unless they are there to see me.

There were lots of people, free candy will do that.

  So I got a last minute email from the TTC ( Toronto Transit Commission) You may remember when I won the contest to name the new train here in Toronto? Well if not, you can check it out on the link.  And then come back and be amazed that you are reading something that a famous person wrote.  Even if I am only famous in my own mind.
You can barley see the street car coming down the tracks, there were two of them.
  So I got the email saying that there were going to be some really old street cars in the parade and we could go ride along.  I was thinking I didn't want to, too much traffic, too much time you know, just being my famous diva self. Then I figured when will Pork Chop have the opportunity to be in a parade again?  I have been in a few.  One as a cheer leader; don't laugh, I used to be hot.
This lady cracked me up she was all "get out of the way! There is a street car coming!"  And no one listened to her. 

I think if I get a new car, I need to put ears on it.
 Also I figure what a fun cheap day out.  So I said sure we would go and we figured out that we would take public transit, which I hate, and just have fun.  Now just to clarify I don't hate transit itself, I hate being packed in with lots of people I don't know. People that don't cover their mouths when they sneeze, or people who take out and clean their crack pipe while you try not to look or as was on the news earlier this year, people doing inappropriate things without pants on while really drunk.  (google it trust me it is not safe for work at all!)

This is the streetcar we rode, I took one side, Pork Chop and hubby the other.  

   I figured it was a holiday Sunday so we should be safe.  And we were, mostly.  On guy was eating and dropping food all over the floor, and Hubby and I nearly gagged.  Pork Chop on the other hand loved it.

Pork Chop was just happy to have some candy, that is all he wanted any way.

Hubby trying to look cool, he was all "Take another one!" He is so vane.

  We first took the subway, and on the other side the Toronto Rocket, the new train, was passing.  Pork Chop started to scream,

"Look Mommy! It's your train!!"

  I just said, "shhh"  I didn't want the public to be alerted to my being there, I was not in the mood to sign autographs.  (What? it could happen.)

And the parade had not even started and Pork Chop was doing his Diva "No pictures!" move.  I may have to hurt him.

  Then we got on the street car, and rode it all the way to the end of the parade route.  Once there we looked high and low for the streetcar.  But no one had any mention of it.  So we waited and called my contact who said it came later as it was still an in service car, so it needed the tracks.  I thought maybe it would be on wheels or something. What do I know, I am just the talent.

  As we waited we went for a snack, Pork Chop wanted candy, as the parade is about candy being tossed out and he would not get any. And Hubby and I found a bakery to get some treats, yum.  We also hit two chocolate stores and I bought treats for later.  So good!

This is in the front, not sure what it is for as the driver was on the other side of the car.  Maybe this street car goes in the water like the Hippo bus we have here.  Now that would be cool.

  So the two street cars arrived and we got on the older one.  It was made in 1921 I think, it was so nice, all wood and nice lights.  There were old advertisements and stuff, so cool. And at the back was a sort of bay window and we opened the windows to sit and be able to wave to the fans.  Notice I did not say my fans.  Just you wait.  I was shown up!

  So we start going and there is this guy, with this super cute dog, just wanting to ride the street car.  And his super cute dog had on bunny ears.  I was chop liver compared to that.  Oh well.  I took one side, Hubby and Pork Chop the other and we waved, and said hi and did all the things famous people do in a parade. Man my arm got tired!

This is the driving side, so fancy!

See all those people, that was nothing, it was so busy at some points.

And Pork Chop was working his "queen hand" wave, so funny!

You could look out and see the whole parade behind us from the window.

See this is why I could not wear my pink bunny ear's.  A red jacket, and a good hair day

How you doin?

   Anyway, it was really fun, I even bought bunny hats and ears.  Only the ears for Pork Chop were the same ones the dog was wearing so he did not want to wear them. And I wore a red jacket which clashed with my pink hat, and I was having a good hair day.  So only Hubby wore his hat, and I took a picture and put it on Facebook as fast as I could.  Then he got mad, but you know he loved being "the first hubby" for me.  He had that arm wave and smile down pat.  And he is all mine ladies!
This is the whole view, isn't it so nice, I can just imagine all the workers back then in their cute old outfits going home.  I bet none of them cleaned their crack pipes on the street car, that is what you call class.

 So we rode the street car, at the front of the whole parade and then got off to get on a new street car to go back home.  It was fun, I mean if I am going to be famous I better get used to this.  But next time I want a limo. And  a pony, because if I get really famous, I am so getting a pony, a cute one. And I will name it mini me or Cupcake.

I felt so cool, until the dog showed up.

And this was the other street car in the parade. I love seeing old stuff like this.

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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

You need to write a book about your adventures, Sue. :) Looks like you and the family had a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Great post - glad you all had such a good time!

Georganne (LilaLoa) said...

This is so cool! I'm so glad you took all those pictures!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a lot of fun! TFS!

Connie Mercer said...

love looking at your pics, Sue!!! Look like you and your family had a great time!!!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I totally want to easter trick out my car with ears and teeth. How would THAT look at school pick-up?

Looks like a fun time! I love streetcars. They remind me of home (San Francisco).

Penny said...

You look like you had a blast, and of course that parade was about you, don't let them tell you otherwise! Love Penny

Unknown said...

What a fun parade, thanks for taking us with :-)!
also thanks for coming to visit me and for your lovely comment on my cloths, burst out laughing when i read it and had to come visit you!
l love your blog, am following you now with gfc and would be honored if you would like to follow back, but no hard feelings if not :-)

Unknown said...

oh my, just realized i am following you already! whenever i open blogger all the european blog posts are visible (we are on the same time-zone). will make a point of seeking you out in future :-)