Thursday, May 24, 2012

Iced Coffee, Pioneer Woman Style

This is the jug I keep in the fridge to just use as I like, it is nice and thin so it doesn't take up too much space.  It also was the last one in the store and it was missing the lid, so I got a discount and used one I had.
  So I never ever liked coffee.  It's just something I couldn't get into.  I sort of dislike all hot drinks, I mean sure I would drink a hot chocolate now and then, but I didn't really enjoy it.  I tried to get into tea, I mean I bought a butt load of it and even got a tea press in Disney.  But to no avail, I could not drink the hot stuff.  I sort of get this flushed sick feeling drinking hot things, so I must be weird or something.  I blame my parents, who else can I blame really?

  Then one day it all changed. Sort of.

  Hubby and I had taken Pork Chop to the Beach ( or is it Beaches now? Darn Toronto changes things so much)  Anyway we were there and it was getting late and Hubby was so tired, I said I would drive the 40 minutes or so home but I needed some caffeine.  Now I had to give up any sort of pop before my gastric bypass and to this day I still do not drink it, so I gave in and went into Starbucks.  I asked for something with coffee, no sugar and lots of caffeine, oh and it had to be cold and not carbonated.  The sweet lady suggested an iced coffee.  And I was hooked ever since.  Ask Hubby,  now both Pork Chop and I beg to go to Tim Horton's.  Pork Chop could eat his weight in chocolate Tim bits, which I guess should make me mad since he won't eat my baking usually.  Anyway, I was addicted.
This is all you need, notice the blue card Pork Chop made for Hubby.  There was nothing for me, but you know he still likes me right?

  So this was in the fall, and I was loving it and thinking of ways to make it cheaper at home.  I bought instant coffee and it was gross, I tried the cappuccino powder that you just add water to,and it was gross.  I was paying a lot for my Tim's addiction.  So I did what every other sane woman does, I googled it.  And I came across this!  I knew it was fate. Pioneer woman has some great stuff, trust me.

I just use the whole can of coffee at one time, this is a 4 quart container I think, and I got it just for my coffee.
  At this time it was about to be the holidays, and Hubby was all ready to get me something amazing and I was cutting off every idea he had.  He even went so far as to send me all these links to single serve coffee makers that made iced coffee.  But they were the pod ones and I hated the idea of having to buy the pods. I had been looking for a cheap brewing coffee pot, as we had given ours away as we had only used it once in our marriage up to that point.  Hubby even picked one out, and as with all things I told him no, I had better plans!  Because I always have to ruin his fun.
I think this looks so gross, but figured my post would not be complete without it; and the back ground of my super messy counter.
 So I read what Rea had written, went out and got a large container that I could use just for this, one for my fridge to keep my stuff in and a can of Tim Horton's coffee.  I got home and set to work, I even weighed out my coffee like Rea, as she uses good stuff and I just got what I knew.
So this sits on my counter for 24 hours, in that time the tutor was in my home.  Wonder what he thought it was.
  So I panicked because she said to let it set for at least 8 hours, which to me meant 8 hours only.  And I work and don't have time to time this stuff.  So I did what I could, mixed it up before bed and the next day after work strained it out.  Now I am not sure if it was done too long or what, but I found the taste different than the one at the store.  I need an insider to tell me how they do it! 
Another shot of my messy counter, but this is how I do it, a large strainer and a bowl.

I line the strainer with paper towel, I end up having to switch it out twice while I strain it all.
  Anyway, after some fiddling I found if I added some water to it then the ice and cream and sweetener it would be perfect!  So there you go, I had it all set. I find now that I use the whole can in the 4 quart bin filled with cold water.  Then I leave it, for about 24 hours.  While I strain it I add about 50-75% more water and it is almost perfect!
I know, gross if you don't know what it is.

I put it in a measuring cup then add about 50-75% more water then put it into the container. 
 I still admit to hitting Tim Horton's when we are out and about, and I have to be very clear that they not add any flavor syrup, that stuff causes me to get very sick and have "issues" if you know what I mean.  If you don't then google "affects of sugar alcohols on bowels"  and then just imagine it way worse because I have had gastric by pass.  The people at Tim's give you the look when you ask like 5 times if they put the syrup in, but a few times they have and I have not realized until I have taken a good long drink, then spent the next hour or so in pain.
Way cheaper than Tim's, but not as convenient when you are not home, if you know what I mean. And I just realized there is a Mcdonalds iced coffee in this picture too.  I had to have something to drink while I made my own.
  So there you have it, how I am amazing, became addicted to iced coffee ( which I am not supposed to have too much caffeine after my bypass, bad bad me) and managed to ruin Hubbies Christmas gift idea, again, and saved some money.  I know, it's amazing right?  And now I will get back to what I know, baking and sugar and stuff.
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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I'm not a coffee drinker (hot or cold) but I'm glad you discovered a way to fulfill your cravings! :)

Murphy's Law said...

I love coffee and just came to love iced coffee. I saw that on her blog and this is what I do. Any leftover coffee from the morning goes in the fridge. LOL!! I told you I was a slacker.

Penny said...

I love coffee, but I just can't get into cold coffee (okay I admit it, I've never tried it cold) you may change my mind! LOL Love Penny

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I love coffe. All of it. Hot, cold, frothy. This is a great recipe!

Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik said...

I have yet to make this recipe but I must! I think I would have to add a little half & half and be naughty as Ree would say. Love her! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! Have a great weekend.
-Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik

MsFoxsSweets said...

Thanks for sharing at Mrs Foxs Sweet Party! I definitely have to try this, especially in the hotter months. My daughter loves iced coffee!