Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Cake Pops

I was not thrilled with these, but looking back at them they are better than I thought.

  I have not been able to blog for about a week now really.  I was busy doing a desert table for a friend of mine.  I had taken three days off of my full time job and had my mom and sister help.  It was crazy!  So I am not back on a schedule yet at all.  I just want to lay in bed and be alone.  I am feeling really low, and I don't know how to deal with it really.

 Not a great way to start a post, but it's how I am feeling.  I feel really sad and alone, and  I don't know why. Is it the fact I feel the weight of being a mom and knowing I am not doing a really good job of it? Is it because I have gained weight and went through so much to lose it in the first place? Is it just that I want to sit and cry a lot of the time, but I just cannot?  I don't know. I just know my depression is hitting me harder right now, and I want to pretend like it's not.  I want to feel like nothing is wrong and life is perfect.  But it just isn't.  

  I don't know how I can complain so much when I am so lucky, I just feel wrong, and I hate feeling this way.  So I think I may need to take a few weeks to find me and try to get my happy back.  Not sure I will be able to, but if I keep at it the way I have been, I will start to hate life and I don't want that.

  So I figured I would share a few pictures here of the cute cake pops I did for my Hubby's best friend and his new wife.  Then I think I will just try to take it a bit easy.  If I can post I will, I have a few things I have done in the last few weeks, then I hope to be back at it again in a month or so.  Maybe I just need a break, a little time to just be.  

  So sorry for the downer post, but I am struggling and I think I need to put my time in for the really important things, my son and Hubby.  And me, I sort of count too, although I don't feel like it really matters right now.  So please stay tuned I bet I will be back at it in a few weeks, and as I said I have a few things ready to post so I won't be totally gone. I will try to keep up on my blog reading at least, that helps me to feel some joy.

The bride had wanted pink and white and cream coloured chocolate.  I screwed up many pounds of it, so did milk with lot of sprinkles, she seemed just as happy.  Or she was just happy the wedding was over, who knows really.

She is a graphic artist so she designed all the label stickers it was so easy to use them.

They got married right here, and had their first dance on the steps, it was so sweet.

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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Hugs to you, Sue! Take as much time as you need to feel good and regroup. Depression is no fun. :(

Gabrielle Watson said...

Sorry to read of your struggles. It's hard at times, and I know what it's like to feel like your brain is incapable of rationalizing your feelings. I tend to suffer from seasonal depression where I get down in the dumps. You 'know' there is no reason to be feeling crappy, but yet you do anyways. Your friends out there are thinking of you! Lovely cakeballs too! They look delish!
-Gabi from Denton, TX

Connie Mercer said...

Great idea and love the little round tag you added!! I'm sure they were a huge hit!!!

Linda Beeson said...

I would have wanted one of those goodies! Great location.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I'm so sorry you're sad. :( Don't feel that way as a mom - you're great! Just know I'm thinking about you. ((Hugs))

icakepops said...

Nicely done cake balls and custom tags - great job!

Paula said...

You did a great job on the wedding pops! I'm sorry that you are feeling so low. It's a very tough place to be. Sometimes you need help to get yourself out of it and I hope, if this persists and especially if this is not the first time, that you o let your doctor know what is happening. It can be very s ray and overwhelming and sometimes asking for help to cope is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Good luck.