Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Have A Recipe Page

 Firstly this was not my post for today. I actually have a give away planned, but for some reason this blog says I have run out of space to add pictures, and I have to pay if I want to add more.  Hubby and I are going to see what we can do about it.  I don't make any money here, well I have ad's but I have not seen a cent of it up to this date,so..... Does anyone else that uses blogger know what I can do?  I mean can I delete pictures off the picasa album and not lose them on my blog?  I find it really confusing.  Anyway here is a short post, without pictures.  Which may be a good thing.  I hope to have my giveaway up soon.

  So I cannot believe how cool this makes me feel.  I read on another bakers blog about how you can put recipes on your blog so that it makes it easier for your readers.  And I feel horrible that I cannot remember who's blog I got this awesome information from.  Honestly I have been looking back to see, but it was a while ago, I am always behind things anyway.  So trust me, there is no way this is my idea.

  Basically they shared a great site. Recipage is this great site that allows you to put in your recipe with links to your blog and pictures and such.  And anyone can look at them, then print them out for easy reading.  It is also great to just be able to find all your blog recipes and not have to go through the blog post by post.  As I actually use my own blog to go back and use recipes I have done before, I had to actually go to my posts and find the right one and go through the whole thing.  Now, I just go to my recipe page and Bam!  There is every little thing I have done so far.

  It took me a little while to catch up and get all the recipes I have done so far.  As most are not my own I gave credit to where I got them, also my original posts are linked and those have more information about the original recipe too.  I have done only one copy of a recipe though, so something like peppermint patties are only there once, even though I have a few posts for them.   But that is okay, it all works out well.

  So to find my page just look on the right, near the top of the side bar and it should have a heading saying "pages" and there is one listed as recipes.  Just click in there and you can find any recipe I have done.  I will try to set up recipes for my posts as soon as I have them up and that way you are able to print out the ingredients and instructions and be all set to go.

I hope this makes it easier for you to try your hand at all the things I post here.  And if any recipe does not have enough instructions the more detailed post is linked there too.

  So take a look and you can even pin from there so your all set.

Let me know what you think!

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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I loved recipage, a very cool tool. :)

It seems Google is all up on the run-out-of storage thing. I've seen so many posts over the last few days about it from other bloggers!

You can host them on flikr and us URLs, but at some point you'll need to upgrade storage there too. A couple things to check on picasa - ALL photos you upload to blogger are there, so if you've uploaded some you aren't going to use, you can delete them. Also, make sure all your photos are resized before you upload (maybe 600 width pixels) and that will save storage space. If you go back and resize maybe it'll free up some space?? Such a bummer, because their plans now aren't cheap!

Have a great day Sue!

Paula said...

Oh that photo business sounds like such a headache for you and I hope you get it sorted out soon. I'm afraid I don't use blogger so I'm not any help.

That recipe page sounds interesting, I'll check it out.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.