Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hi and welcome

  Well if you have found me I am so happy to have you hear:)  I am starting this blog to share my love of baking, which may also include some other fun stuff, but mostly sugar!  I hope you will forgive me as I am just learning and I hope that you will enjoy your time here.

  I plan to start off by sharing pictures of things I have made in the past and start sharing the new things I hope to create and make.  I get most of my inspiration from other blogs, so when I use another blogs ideas, or even part of then, i will credit them here.  I have no idea how to link right now, so  I will mention the blog and when I figure it out actually link them.  Hope that seems fair, I really have no clue how to do this yet.

  My pictures will not be that great, I have a plain old point and shoot and an i phone, so I hope to try and get better with my pictures as we go along. Please feel free to comment I would love to hear any tips, tricks or suggestions.  Even criticism is welcome:) 

  Again welcome and I hope this is going to be a fun blog for all.


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