Friday, October 28, 2011

Lego Birthday Star Wars Extravaganza - Part 2

My attempt at Lego cookies.
  So I usually like to send something home with the kids after my sons party.  This year we are only having 3 kids, plus my son.  But I still wanted to do something special for the guests.  I had seen this a while ago and I remembered and figured it would be perfect. 

 So I got hubby to print out a head to make a template and I used a take out container to trace it onto and there you go.  Now after I baked mine I thought they looked all wonky and what not, so I think if I ever do them again I will just do a large rectangle.  I must not have the cookie template cutting jean or something.

The printed out picture, my wonky cookie and the black icing ready to outline.

Outlined and starting to flood.
 Anyway, I followed what Sugar belle said and outlined my cookies in black.  I used the glaze from Amanda and tinted the icing with ameracolor black.  I used a Wilton #4, because I wanted a nice thick line.  I piped the boarders and then made some more glaze in a yellow, with just a drop of orange.  I thinned it out and used plastic bottles to flood my cookies.

Flooding in progress.

   I flooded the little top and bottom sections first, then went back and filled in the rest.  I use this stick to help move the flood icing around. I have read that royal icing really needs an hour or so between sections to stop them from running together.  With the glaze I find 10 minutes is all you need as it starts to crust right away. 

I use a toothpick sort of thingy to pull the icing right out to the edge
   Once that was done, I did not let them dry, I just went back and put on eye balls and smiles.  My son gave me a few Lego heads to look at, and then I gave them right back to him.  I said "mommy doesn't know how to make them that nice"  And he told me it was okay, they looked "nice" anyway.  Sigh.

  I left them to dry for two days, and then I put them into these cookie bags I got at the warehouse, but mine are clear and bigger.  I tied them with curling ribbon and there you go.  If I had thought of it sooner I might have made some tags or something, but you know, I always think of these things after the thought. I also keep all my shoe boxes because these cookies stand up well and it holds them in place.  It is also a great reason to buy more shoes.  ( as if you need a reason.)

All wrapped and ready to go.

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