Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lego Star Wars Birthday Extravaganza - Part 1

Mini Lego Block Cookies.
    So we got home really late on Tuesday night from our birthday trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  We crossed the boarder before we came home to do some shopping.  I got a few things, but I was really excited to find all these different chocolate chips and a few super cute cupcake stands.  I also managed to find party stuff at the store to fit with my son's Lego Star Wars theme. So all in all a good time
  On Wednesday I got up and while my son played I got to work decorating cookies.  I had two cookies I had baked and frozen a week or so ago and wanted to get them iced.  I find that the larger cookies need a good 48 hours to dry.  I think because the glaze I use takes much longer to dry out than royal icing.  Which is fine, since once the icing is on the cookie it helps to keep the cookie moist.

  So today I will share with you how I made the small Lego block cookies that are going to be out for the party.  I started with my small rectangle cookies that I made using Amanda's recipe. 

Boarders all piped using a Wilton #2.
   I then made the glaze that is also on that link and tinted it with americolor in Blue and Super Red.  I filled two piping bags, disposable of course, with the thick icing.  I used Wilton #2 tips to pipe out the borders. 

Flooded cookies.
   I then took the left over icing and thinned it with milk until it was nice and thin.  I filled plastic bottles with the icing and flooded the cookies, using a tooth pick to get the icing to the boarders.

All done.
   I then used the thick icing to make 6 dots to look like the Lego thingies. I know, technical I am not. 
  I then left them to dry.  I will post how they look all nice and set up on one of my trays in my party wrap up. 

   Next up I have cake balls, large cookies, cupcakes and a cake to make and share.  So it should be a full week of baking and blogging.

  Thanks for reading.


Murphy's Law said...

How fun are they. You almost want to build something and not eat them. Almost. lol!!!

Pamela said...

So awesome!!! Love them! :)

Unknown said...

LOL thanks:) I messed up one of the big cookies so I got to eat that, the little ones are safe for now.

Connie Mercer said...

super,super cute!!!