Friday, April 20, 2012

Just some random stuff

Just a few of the over 400 daffodil pops I made for charity.

  So things have been crazy around here. I am finding I don't have as much time to do things with Pork Chop or Hubby; and I want to.  Like sleep and watch TV, and sleep.  You know all the exciting things.  So I thought I would just post some things that have been happening and what not.  

  I spent a good few days making some chocolate daffodils for a friend, she is putting on a cancer fund raiser.  Originally there were to be 250 people, then it went to 400 and when it hit 500 I was stuck.  I did not think I could make that many, and as it turns out I couldn't.  I managed to make 422, and sent the mold to my friend so she could make the rest.  I so wanted to make them as my mother in law is living with cancer, maybe some good karma will come of it and she will live to be 100, and buy me a pony.  What?  It could happen, she knows I love ponies!

I saw this at Walmart and had to have it.  I figure I can put all my little baking things in it.  Each little container comes out and has it's own lid.  Pork Chop got one too for all his Lego and Halo guys.  Mine is better though.

  So for the first time since Pork Chop was born, and I have been back at work, I took the Easter Monday off.  Usually I have to work it and then we have to find someone to watch him as daycare and school is closed.  So this year I was all "I will take a vacation day and we are all set." Then the Thursday before Good Friday I mentioned it to the day care, which is newer to us, and she told me she is open on the Monday.  Sigh, I cannot win.

  So I still had the day off, so I took Pork Chop to Hubbies work where they hold an Easter Egg hunt.  He told me his strategies in the car, the whole way there.  Going over how some girl last year stole the golden egg, because she was listening too closely to what his dad told him.  So this year he was going to try to listen to what her parents were telling her.  I tell you he had it all worked out, he was so determined!  Then we got there, the girl was not there, and there was no golden egg. He was crushed.  I think he got over it fast though.

There he is, he was the kid with the least eggs, he was so excited that he ended up missing most of them.

 The kids got to decorate cookies, which he liked, and was all "I can do this!" Because he is my kid, and I have been making him decorate cookies for years. And then in true Pork Chop style we took them home and he never ate them.

Amazing pic Hubby took, which shows my huge belly.  Thanks Hubby, I will get you back.
 Then a few days after Easter we finally decorated Easter eggs.  It is a tradition we have, that is also where I get all those cool colourful egg shaped cups for my baking.  Seeing as it was after Easter and I was so lazy this year he got to decorate five eggs, and they were raw because no one will eat boiled eggs but me, and even then Pork Chop complains about the smell. ( Like he smells like rose's right!?)

Pork Chop doesn't need his stool any more, but he still uses it.  I mean he is getting way too big!

And those are our sad eggs, that went right back into the egg carton for me to make home made cake mix things with later.  And two points if you can see the "box mix" hubby uses.  I am not the only one in the family you know.
  So that is about it, I have been busy, not had much fun time.  We were also in a parade, and once Hubby sends me the pictures he took I will post all about it. Also I am putting together a class to teach kids how to decorate and make cupcakes for charity.  And yes they will be from scratch, I am not that bad!  Pork Chop and Hubby are coming to help me, I told Pork Chop he is going to be a teacher.  He is really excited, so I hope it goes well. And I hope he doesn't freeze up like the time the we went to the launch of the Toronto Rocket, he was not smiling in even one picture! Also if no one is killed I will post about it.

  I also have some pictures of my steam punk outfit to take and post and some sewing to do.  I plan to have it all done by the time Pork Chop hits high school.  If nothing else, I set reasonable expectations.  Also I am going to try and cut down on my spending.  (Stop laughing Hubby!) I have been spending way too much and have to try and stop it, so my baking may not be as big, as I want to use what I have.  Unless I win the lottery, find a new rich man (sorry Hubby, it's for the family) or Hubby finally sells that kidney.  He is so stubborn, you don't need two of them. Oh well, I will also take donations in the form of chocolate, or money.  Either is good. But I prefer chocolate.

  Hope you all enjoyed my post full of babbling.  At least you got your dose of Pork Chop pictures!


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I think it's wonderful that you cranked out 422 daffodil pops for a great cause, Sue!

Murphy's Law said...

wow. 422 is an amazing amount of daffodil pops to get out. I thought your Easter eggs looked great.

Connie Mercer said...

your food treats always look so good and what a wonderful thing to teach your son to"enjoy" cooking!!! Thank you for your kind words:):)

Erin said...

Totally adorable pictures! And I want one of those containers. How cool!!! And 400 daffodil pops? Good golly woman!

Paula said...

It is always great to read about someone who shares their talents and gives of themselves. Your hundreds of daffodil pops were no doubt, sincerely appreciated.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

I wish Jordan could be in your cupcake class! That would be cool. And dying regular eggs - I should totally do that. No one in my house eats boiled eggs but the dog, so they usually go in the garbage, plus the smell makes me want to hurl. :) Have a great weekend!