Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Ode to My Kitchen Aid

My trusty kitchen aid!
  So do you have a Kitchen Aid?  I do and I love it.  I remember growing up my mom did not have one, she used her food processor or her hands.  Imagine that, mixing with your hands.  No way.  I remember making mousse by hand in college and I thought I was going to die.  No way, kitchen aid all the way for me people.
My amazing laptop that I have no clue how to use most of the features on .

  Anyway my mom got one when I was in high school and I started taking those Wilton classes at Michael s.  Back then the only one was like 30 minutes away and I went every week.  I used my moms kitchen aid to make my big batches of icing.  Way back then I actually measured things, wow.  Anyway my mom was super nice to let me use it, because if you knew how different we are in the kitchen, you would understand.  My mom keeps everything in a certain place, her kitchen is spotless. Me on the other hand, not so much.

  I mean I keep stuff cleans, ish, I have to scrub a bit before I bake, but whatever, my house will be clean when Pork Chop moves out and I can take his room over as my own personal space.  Come on 18, only 11 more years!!!

See how clean and shiny it is? Usually there is lots of chocolate and icing sugar on it.

  Anyway when I was getting married and setting up my home, I knew I wanted a kitchen aid.  My goodness was I happy to put it in my buggy at Wal mart and take it to my new home, where we have used the heck out of that sucker.  Back then I did not know there were different kinds, maybe there were not as many as now, but I got what I got and was thrilled.

  I now find myself wishing that I had the larger one.  There is a seven quart one that I have been desperately trying to get Hubby to sell a kidney for.  But to no avail.  I was actually about to get it this year for my birthday, but then the stupid condo board made us pay them $1000, and my car needs tires and life just got in the way.  So it's not meant to be any time soon.  I will survive, I mean really life could be so much worse.  I just have to suck it up.  Maybe I should write to kitchen aid and tell them how much I need one, which really won't matter.  There are people in the world that cannot afford rent, me not getting another mixer will not really matter.

This is the company that made my super cute decal.

  So as I mentioned before I am not the cleanest of people, or bakers for that matter.  My little kitchen aid was covered in splatters and you know stuff.  Poor Hubby would do his best to clean it off when he wanted to use it.  I made sure my bowl and attachments were always clean, but the body of it, there was chocolate and icing sugar and what not.  I would make attempts to wipe it, but it needed a deep cleaning.

 I finally had to do it, I am teaching a class and need my mixer, so I took it out and got to work.  I used an S.O.S pad, those things are amazing.  I got that sucker clean in less than 10 minutes and all sparkly and new for use.  Then I got the idea to pretty it up.  I have seen people who get custom paint jobs or decals.  I am on a spending freeze so I used what I had.  And what I had was this decal.

This is about the time Hubby saw me, and he got upset.  Also you can see my steam punk outfit in the far left there.  That stupid dress form is heavy so it is staying there until I am all done.  Also the wall O' sprinkles on the right.  
  I had gotten a laptop last year, because I was becoming a blogger and our stupid home computer sucked.  So I got a cheap one, at the store the guy was all what do you want to do on it.  And I told him, blog, look at the Internet, and it had to be pretty. He gave me a funny look and started talking to Hubby.  Usually I would take offence, but really I had no clue, still don't.  When hubby picked out a nice cheap one that would do what I wanted, the guy told me the colour choices.  Black, silver or red.  I wanted red, and of course they were sold out.  Sigh, so I got silver.  So then I went on Etsy, which is amazing and found a decal that spoke to me.  The store, showcase 66 was amazing.  Because of my odd shape laptop and the name being so big, they did a custom die cut for me.  They sent me two different sizes and told me to just the keep the other one.  Can you see where this is going?
And this is what I should have said to Hubby when he got upset, but I would say it in a nice way.

  So I took that and cut out the middle cupcake, it was all that would fit.  As I was doing this Hubby comes down the stairs and this happened.

Hubby: Are you kidding me?!

Me: What, isn't it cute?

Hubby: No, and it's my mixer too.

Me: But who is going to see it? No one watches you mix stuff.

Hubby: Your doing this for that darn cupcake class aren't you!

Me: Yep it has to looks it's best.

And does that not look fun?  Well at least until it gets covered in chocolate again right?

  I said that last part as he rolled his eyes and I posted it on Facebook, just to prove how awesome it was.  Then he gave me crap for tagging him as every time someone liked it or made a comment like "this is awesome" he got a notice.  I told him it was just my people supporting me.

  He doesn't get me at all some days.  If we get a big red seven quart kitchen aid, I will let him put spider man decals all over that sucker.  I promise! See how I try to support him?

 And just a small update, he said he wants Avengers decals on "his" mixer.  Little does he know they will have to be cute, anime Avenger decals.  Man I hope I can find those if the time ever comes!


Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Okay, now my mixer is jealous. It wants a decal too. I must check out that company! And, you're not alone. I am probably the messiest baker on the planet (hey, is it my fault that cocoa and powdered sugar go EVERYWHERE when you just look at it?) My baby is having issues...I'm praying she'll hold on until summer when we will be down near San Francisco, where the closest repair shop is. :)

Erin said...

That is so cool! I love it! I want a cool decal for my laptop and mixer!!!

Cooking on a Dime said...

It does deserve an ode. Love it!