Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oreo Cheesecake Pudding Pie

Looking at it like this, you cannot even tell how badly I messed up.
Oh boy, this is going to be a doosey.  I so love to read other blogs, and find inspiration in them.  I always see things others make and pin it away and think, I will never make that.  Then I usually don't  because I always screw things up.  Until I saw this pie at Lil Luna.  I was all, I can make that.

And then I tried.

And this is why I should never make things from other blogs. I know they are never going to be as good.  But still I try, and fail, then eat all the evidence.

So if you check out the original post on Lil Luna you will see this amazing pie, that you will think looks so easy and yummy.  Which it is, if you are good at following simple directions, that is.

So I will show you what I did, and tell you how I made it differently.  Not on purpose of course.  Just so you know. Then you will want to make the original, and maybe mine if you like second best pie.  Who knows; you might right?

This is all I had to buy, I had the rest of the stuff at home.  Notice my cool laptop, I just had to include that, it makes me look like I know how to blog. Because no one would ever know someone with a laptop did not have any clue how to work computers right? Oh and side note, Hubby says the cupcake thing on my laptop is embarrassing, so he pretends it's not there.  I like it personally

Firstly, I was having a play date, not with the kid who must have a baking craft.  Oh no, this was going to be one where I could sit and chat with my friend while the boys ran around and tore the house apart.  It was going to be awesome!  So I thought,  I should make desert and impress my friend.  Now my friend is amazing, she acts impressed with everything I make, which is great.  I know it is all a front, but that is why I love her. Also I made home made pizza, Hubby made the pizza dough for me and I did the rest.
This is the cream cheese filling before I added the cool whip.  It tasted really good, but the cool whip made it even better.

 Let me know if you want to have Hubby make a post about how he makes Pizza.  It is so good, and he makes it really thin for me so I can eat lots and not get sick on the doughy crust.  But you can also make it thicker and it is still amazing.  Okay back to pie.

So I went to my local store to buy all the stuff to make this pie.  And this is where it all fell apart.  My store of course did not have Oreo pie crusts, what they did have was either graham cracker crust, which just seemed wrong.  Or they had this butter crust. I thought great, butter crust it is, because there is no way I was going to make a crust from scratch.  That was until I started checking the expiry date.  I dug and dug, and I think after 6 crusts with a date of "best before May 2011" I was getting upset.  I found one with a good date, put the expired ones in my cart also and kept shopping.

I only added about 1/3 of the tub of cool whip, but it seemed like a lot.

I needed white chocolate pudding, and if you guessed that they did not have that either, you get a prize.  So I opted for Oreo pudding, I mean it is supposed to be an Oreo pie, so that is what I went with. The other stuff I got, I turned in the out dated pie crusts and headed out.  And just so you know, the store people were really upset about the outdated crust and rushed to pull the rest off the shelf. Stuff happens, you know?  I am a stickler for dates, so I always check.  Not a big deal.

So the next night, the night of the play date, I set to work.

And when they say to fold things in your batter, you are supposed to lightly mix the stuff in with a sort of weird movement.  Not like me, where I stir it all crazy like.  Just so you know.

Oreo Cheesecake Pudding Pie
Adapted from Lil Luna found Here

-pie crust of your choice ( I used the butter crust, I loved it)
-1 row double stuffed Oreo cookies cut up*
-1 8oz block cream cheese
-1/2 cup butter
-3 squares semi sweet baking chocolate melted
-1 large tub of cool whip**
-1 cup icing sugar
-1 box Oreo pudding mix***
-1 1/2 cups milk****

This is the only non expired crust I could find, and I think it was either called butter or short bread.  You can use anything, as long as it is not expired.

*I tried crushing the Oreos once before, but because they are double stuffed they just sort of smooshed so I cut them
**I have no idea if the large tub is bigger here or what, but there was a lot, but I like lots of whipped topping so it worked out great for me
***You can use any flavor I think, well, not pistachio, lemon or butterscotch, that would be wrong I think.
****I actually used 2 cups, but my pudding was way too thin, so use 1 1/2 cups if you actually read recipes, which I obviously don't do, d'oh!

Now if you are not a wimp like me, you would have filled this all the way up.  I thought I would save the left over filling to eat with apples, or just with a spoon, but it got hard and gross when not in a pie, so it ended up in the garbage.
I decided to make my cheesecake filling chocolate to counter the fact that my crust was vanilla.  I just added 3 squares of melted semi sweet bakers chocolate to the cheese mix.  It worked great, but either I screwed up or I was just wimpy, but it would have fully filled my pie crust.  I used about 3/4 of it.  I should have used it all, because it tasted amazing.  So next time, I will use it all, and just not be able to cover the pie with the lid.
See that cool cutting board, it is the most colourful thing in my kitchen.  Other than the wall o' sprinkles that is.
Then for the pudding layer I was supposed to use only 1 1/2 cups milk, but I didn't read that fully until it was too late.  I should have paid attention because my pudding was a bit too runny.  I still used it and it tasted great, but it didn't hold together too well.  Oh well, live and learn right?
I learned the hard way to never try to smash double stuff Oreo's, they just end up smooshing together, so cut them,.trust me.
Then I put on a bunch of cool whip, and my chopped up Oreos.  I used double stuffed since that is what I had.  Then I put it all in the fridge hoping it would set up.  It did , sort of.  I mean it was amazing, I would have eaten the whole thing.  The pudding was soft, so the top sort of slid off a bit, but people I could eat this every day!

  And I am so lucky to have such a great friend, because I sent it all home with her, except for a small piece.  I had to see if it tasted as good the next day.

This is my watery Oreo pudding layer, at least we get to cover it with cool whip to hide it.

And just in case you were wondering, it tasted just as great the next day.

So notes for next time.  I will use all the cheesecake filling, no wimpy thin layer for me.  Let that pie spill over the crust.  Read the whole darn recipe and use only 1 1/2 cups of milk for the pudding layer, making it thicker so it won't spill out of the crust.

I put on as much Cool whip as I dared, I still had some left over.  I may have eaten it with a spoon the next day, just to get the container out of my fridge.  
And maybe try making this in cups with just Oreo crumbs or crushed Oreos for the bottom and that way you can eat just a little and not feel so bad.  Or heck just make the pie and eat until you are sick.  I mean you don't even have to crack an egg, so you know it's going to be healthier than if you did right? No? Well, whatever you have to tell yourself, just make it, and try Lil Lunas way too, because I bet hers is even better.
It looked so nice, then I tried to put the lid on it and realized it was one huge pie.  Ha, I said huge pie!

I cut a piece and did the happy dance when it was not a total flop.

And this is the picture where you can actually see the layers.  People that know what they are doing can cut a piece and make it look nice.  I never said I know what I am doing, just so you know.
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Erin said...

That's so funny. it looks fantastic to me! And who doesn't love a huge pie??? =o)

Jen @ Jens Favorite Cookies said...

Easy... Fast... Made with oreos... what's not to love?! Looks fantastic!

Paula said...

The bigger the better,especially when it comes to anything with Oreos in it. The pie looks great.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Okay, so you're crazy woman! That pie looks perfect and awesome. Any crust is find with me! And the more filling, the better. :)

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I think it looks totally yummy! You can't go wrong with Oreos. :)

Pamela said...

Looks wonderful and I bet it was very yummy!! :)

SweetSugarBelle said...

Looks yummy to me!!! Who cares if it's perfect...people save my cookies because "they're too pretty to eat". I hunk after all that work you better eat it'. In any case I'm not sure why you don't love it!

Connie Mercer said...

wish i had a piece~:):):) looks delish!!!!

Murphy's Law said...

Looks totally yummy to me!!!

Unknown said...

Oh yum! This would be great for a potluck or last minute desert! TFS!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Haha love all your commentary on how you made this pie. I don't bake because I would eat THE WHOLE ENTIRE pie before anyone arrived! Looks yummy and I am sure yours was delicious. Remember, looks aren't everything, especially when dealing with cool whip and oreos! ha!

Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself said...

I love your post writing style and of course this mega delish pie of decadence :D

Choc Chip Uru