Monday, July 30, 2012

Angry Birds Cupcakes

See how red they are?  They were red, but not as red as this picture.  The camera makes it look better.  Wish it did the same for me.
  So as with most things, I am behind the times.  I mean I didn't start playing Angry Birds until a few months back.  But as also is my issue, I become obsessed and play all the versions any free second I have.

  I may have issues.

  Anyway when one of Hubbies friends at work asked me to make her some Angry Birds cupcakes I said sure, after yelling at Hubby for not giving me like 4 weeks notice.  Anyway they turned out just fine, I nearly lost my mind when my stupid edible printer would not work.  I mean I seriously almost drop kicked that sucker.  Only saving grace was I left it alone over night and the next day it was fine.  Whatever, I am still mad at it.

  So I made cupcakes from scratch as that is what she asked for, and I make cupcake toppers like I have before and I just used a bunch of colourful butter cream.
The pictures Hubby printed out for me.

  So to start I printed out the pictures, I told Hubby to make them smaller as I was in no mood to roll out a bunch of fondant after the printer was pissing me off.  Then I rolled out a mixture of half fondant half gum paste, using my pasta roller of course.  Then I brushed a little water on the fondant and placed a strip of pictures on top.  I planned to use a cookie cutter to get them to cut out nicely.  And of course it didn't work, it would cause the picture to tear a bit.  So then I thought I would cut out the picture before putting them on the fondant.  And that worked okay.  I don't know, something about being in a rush really makes me screw things up.

And this is Pork Chop, in his Perry the Platypus PJs, making a really weird face.  What else is new.

  Anyway, I did the toppers a few nights ahead so they would dry right out.

  Then I made two batches of cupcakes, using these recipes that I love from Sugarlicious.  The chocolate ones are so dense and moist, honestly they are better than....well, you know.  I cannot say it, Hubby may read this you know.  Anyway they are good!

Icing paper goes in.

And Pork Chop waiting, so he can eat the left over paper.  
   So once they were baked I picked out the colours I wanted to make my icing.  I made my regular old butter cream, on that same link I put up there, and coloured it all.

The pigs are my favorite.

And I think they turned out okay.

 I then used the largest fluted tip I had and disposable pipping bags and just put a nice swirl on each one.  I then stuck a topper on each cupcake, before the icing had a chance to crust over.

   I made that awesome red using Americolor super red, you need a good amount, but man it is red, no pansy pinky red for us.

  So that was it, the kids had a great time.  Pork Chop got to play some fun party games at the birthday, and I got to make something and not have to worry about who to make eat it all.

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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These are super cute! I haven't joined in on the Angry Birds band wagon.

Connie Mercer said...

super cute, I bit your son loved them:):)

Sylvia Blum said...

This is just too cool! Love me some Angry Birds Cupcakes :) :) :)
Thanks for sharing.. really love them! So so so very cute!!!
Sylvia xx

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Too cute! My daughter and husband are obsessed with angry birds. They'd love these!

Erin said...

These are so cute! And I'm seriously wanting that printer!!! How cool would that be?!?!

April Derrick said...

My kids would love these!! Great little post and I adore your son's nickname!

Unknown said...

These are terrific! I have to bookmark this page! We ALL have an addiction to angry birds!

Murphy's Law said...

Looks really yummy to me and I love red. I think Pork CHop is trying to sweet talk you out of a couple. lol!

Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

LOL I love this game, and Pork Chop didn't even eat one cupcake! He did how ever eat all the printer paper scraps, he is so weird that way. And I love his name, I still slip and call him Porky some times, but he doesn't get upset at that, he just comes running when I call him. And you so need this printer, it's so much fun. I need to get some more paper, I am all out, and you never know when you will need an image:)

Megan's Cookin' said...

You did a great job on those cupcakes. I'm a little envious of the printer! ;)

Paula said...

Super cute!

Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel said...

Eeeek, these are so cute! My boyfriend is Angry Birds obsessed so I know he'd love these :)

Katrina said...

Cute! And I'm going to have to try that better-than chocolate cupcake recipe.
And for the record, I've NEVER played Angry Birds--and it's on my phone. The boys all try to play it on my phone every second I'll let them.

Mary Ellen said...

Awesome idea! I never would have thought of that. We made the angry birds level out of chocolate cake. This looks much easier!