Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boozy Jumbo Ice Cream Cone Cake Balls

These are not only huge cake balls, but the cones are filled with booze!

 So we are still on vacation, and so far it has been really nice.  Except for the fact that our bank account was invaded and over $200 was taken.  We are not getting it back for at least a week which stinks because that was our spending money.  So yeah, it has to get better right?  Anyway I made these a few weeks ago, and I sure could go for one now.  Anyway don't forget to enter my little give away from earlier in the week, and hope we have a good weekend without losing anymore money.

 Okay so this is going to be a super amazing post!  Why?  Well there is a tonne of booze in these and they look cute, and they were perfect.  Until the next day when I went to share them and half of them had exploded.  Then I almost cried and wanted to just drink them all myself.  Not sure how that makes this amazing, but it does, so just go with it.
This is how it all started!
  I had this idea late at night while I was falling asleep. And don't you tell me that is not normal, all women dream of chocolate and booze as they are drifting off after a long day.  I swear, it's in a book some where, I wouldn't lie about stuff like this.

  Anyway I had the idea that I wanted a big cake ball, but with some sort of shot of Irish cream.  I know in the past I have seen at some events that they had chocolate shot glasses and people would pick out what booze they wanted.  You would not believe some of the things people did for events where I worked, and what they were willing to pay for it.  Seriously that could be it's own post.
Just fill the cone and roll it around to get it all coated.

Then pour out the extra.

And this is how they looked before I chilled them.

 So I wanted to make jumbo ice cream cone cake balls, like my mini ones here. Because in that post I had the idea that bigger is always better. ( That's what she said!) 

 I know, my humor is getting old, but I may have had one or two of these while I was typing this.  You cannot prove a thing, so just keep reading.

 So firstly the problem was how to get the booze in there and not make a mess.  And I had it all perfectly figured out, until 24 hours later  when it all failed.  But if you do these and serve them right away, or keep them in the fridge on their sides you should be good to go.  I do think I have to make them again, just to test that out.  Not because I want more booze or anything.
And this is how they looked after they chilled, no idea why it's all streaky but what ever it still tastes good.

And this is with the booze, what a good shot.  Get it, shot?!  Never mind!

 So I was going to coat my ice cream cones in white chocolate, but I went with milk because I hate the thought of trying to get a nice consistency of white. Although if you can do it, go for it, the different flavor would probably be nice.  So I melted the chocolate candy melts and put my cones in the freezer for a few minutes.  I don't think that really helped at all, so you can skip the freezer if you want.  Then just fill up your cones and roll them around until they are all coated, let sit for a few seconds, then tip them back into the bowl to get the extra out.  I then put them all in a cake pan and into the fridge to make sure the chocolate was hardened.

  Before I did all this I had mixed up my cake ball mix, just regular chocolate cake and some chocolate frosting, but you do the flavors you like.  Then I used my large ice cream scoop to make a ball, that I rolled and put in the freezer to set.
So I forgot to get a picture of the cake ball when I had just dipped the bottom and put that in the cone.  Oh well, just imagine.
 So once the cones were set I got out my Irish cream, and realized I did not have enough, so I also added some Kahlua.  I wanted to put an ounce of booze in each cup, but I went with just under 2 TBSP's, and that was plenty, I just measured out the booze and put it into the cups.  Then I was ready for the cake ball part.

  I took a cake ball out of the freezer and dipped the bottom half into chocolate, I got no pictures as these are huge cake balls, about the size of a fist and you make a mess as it is.  Once it is half dipped you put it into the cone, making sure that the chocolate seals all the way around, or else the booze will leak out.
And since I figured you have seen enough here are my finished cones.  No one will ever know you are planning to get drunk, just let them think it's chocolate and nothing else.
  I did them all then let them harden up.  Then I got ready to dip the top of the cone.  I took each one and tipped it upside down to see if any booze leaked out, if it did, and a few did, I just dabbed on some chocolate where it leaked and then dipped the whole thing.  The nice thing about these is drips actually make it look real, so no worries about being perfect.

  So once that was done I wanted to decorate them.  For some reason Irish cream makes me think of green, so that is what I went with.  I drizzled some on top and tried to shake it to settle, but it was really thick chocolate for some reason, so what ever.  I then used larger sprinkles and instead of a red candy I used a chocolate mint M&M, those suckers are good!

  Once they were fully dry I put them in cookie bags so they would be easy to share.  And then into a box and down to the basement to wait for me to take them to work.

  And the next day, well I got them and half of them had leaked out of the cones.  Not sure if it was the heavy cake ball that caused the cone to crack or the chocolate inside so the booze leaked out, but whatever it was I was sad.  My friends at work?  Not so much, they loved them.  Or they are just a bunch of drunks, I cannot honestly tell you.  
And I just put them in bags, which was a good thing since they leaked.  

  So these were a big deal to me, a dream come true.  And yes I know that is stupid and whatever, but at least I can say I made one of my dreams come true. Right?

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Erin said...

This is a totally cool idea! The idea of it filled with booze is kinda gross, tho. =o) If I were a drinker, maybe not. Or when my kids are driving me crazy. Or when we're the freezer ice maker breaks... nevermind. GENIUS!!!

Sorry about your bank account. That totally sucks!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Messing (and leaky) desserts always taste the best. :) Just sayin'. LOL!

Paula said...

Really to bad about you losing your vacation money. Good it is going to be replaced but doesn't help when you needed it :(
These adult ice cream cone cake balls are a great idea and if my brain was working I could probably think of what you could have done to prevent the booze from leaking out the bottom. Maybe you need to add the booze directly to the chocolate before coating the cones?

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

What a great idea Sue! Love the booze inside, my kinda treat!

Christine said...

Ohhh DELICIOUS!!! LOVE that you coated the inside with chocolate! Delicious! They look great!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!

Tam said...

those look cool!