Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cake balls, it's child's play

My favorite, cake balls!
  So I know that I have read many people and even heard people say how hard they think cake balls are to make.  And I think that is too bad because they really are easy.  They may not be perfect, and mine hardly ever are, but the fun is in trying.  And either way they always taste great.  I just wanted to share with you the few pictures of my son dipping his first cake balls.  I just let him do his thing and he did great.  The balls were lumpy and bumpy and he jammed the sprinkles on a few, but they sure tastes great.

Those ones on the left are mine, see not perfect.

I made him a giant cake ball, like the size of his hand, so he was screaming at it because he kept dropping it in the chocolate.

And of coarse there had to be sprinkles.

Not sure if you can see it but he is jamming huge sprinkles into them.

And of coarse he had to eat one.

  So the reason for this little post is to just let you know that if my 7 year old can do it, then you can too.  Just take a look at him and see how easy it is.  So please if you have been wanting to try but have not had the confidence, please give it a go.

  Thanks for letting me share these, we did a lot of baking the past weekend, so this was the last thing we made.  And that is how my dining room always looks it is our busy room, I just move everything off the table and clean it so we can bake.

  I had promised my next post would be the really good one, but these pictures were too cute not to share.  At least to me they are. I promise the post coming up will be worth the wait.

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