Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reese stuffed Oreo's and meeting the Cake Boss

Nothing better than chocolate and more chocolate.
   Have you ever just seen something on line and thought "I need that, now!" I mean other than shoes and cute purses, you  know food wise.

  Well I have, and it happens on a daily basis, so it seems I am going to have to bake 30 different things every day to even make a dent in my to do list.  Which sort of puts me a little behind right, oh well.  I will live to be 300 and then I will be done.  Maybe.

  So anyway, when I saw these on Cookies and Cups I was almost drooling on the keyboard.  Thank goodness for my self control.  What? I have some, really.  If you will notice she posted this a little while ago. And I am just getting to them now.  So there!

  Well I knew this would be perfect for me.  I had a bunch of peanut butter cups, thanks Halloween, and Oreos.  I don't really eat Oreos but I had bought some to dip in chocolate a month or so ago when they were on sale.  And like most things I forgot about them.

  So I decided to make them because they would be so cute decorated for Christmas right? And it would let me use my new fondant cutters to make decorations for them.  See? That is how you justify buying fondant cutters when you don't even use fondant.

  Sigh, my mind works in very different ways.

  So to start I planned this out, and I usually do plan out my baking so I can do a little each day.  I got my fondant ready.  And by ready I mean I mixed half fondant and half gum paste together. I got this idea from Sweetopia.  She said it makes for a harder drying decoration, and I like the taste. 

Dry Gum paste, ready made fondant and the little shaker thingy I use to sprinkle icing sugar while I roll out my stuff.
 So I mixed up my fondant in green and blue using Americolor soft gel paste.  I wear these cheap plastic gloves so the gel doesn't stain my hands.  Once it is all mixed in you can take the gloves off.  I use this sprinkle tin I got in the dollar area of Micheal's, and it works great to put just a bit of icing sugar down.

I use cheap plastic gloves to mix in my gel paste colour, saves your hands from all the colour.

  So I did that, then set up my table with sheets of waxed paper, and then got all my little fondant thingies out. Then I had to set up for my son so he could make his own "eating play doh" to work with me.  He ate most of his and made some things.  He was occupied for about 40 minutes, which is good, it gave me enough time to get my stuff done.

  I rolled my fondant mix out thin and then used these great fondant cutters.  I love that they not only cut but they emboss the cut out.  So I used my holly leave and made like a million leaves then put them on a wax paper sheet to dry out for a few days.  Then I rolled out my blue fondant and did the same with my snow flake cutter.  I love how they turned out, and my kid snuck a few to eat.  Weirdo that he is.

These cutters are great, you first cut out the shape, then with the shape still inside you push the plunger to emboss it. Then pick up the cutter and push the plunger to get the shape out.

The one on the left is not embossed, just cut.  Sorry for the bad picture.

  And now for some cute pictures.

He needed a bit of each colour, and I think he used half of them, he ate a lot though.

I just put out all my tools for him and he goes to work, keeps him busy and lets me do my thing.

This is what my son made, that pile of orange poop, he said it was a cross.  Don't judge, he knows his shapes I swear.

  Anyway, I was going to make tiny little red circles or roll balls, but seriously how long would that have taken me?  Too long, so I had these large circle sprinkles and I spent like half an hour picking out all the red ones.  Not one of my smartest ideas, but you know, it worked, and I guess technically, it was faster.

  I let them set for a few days, I wanted them hard so they would be easy to work with.

  When I was ready I got to work making the cookie thingies.  You can make as many or as little as you want.  On the other blog she used double stuffed, which I bet would be way better.  But I was cheap and had only bought the regular oreos.  ( just a note, I bet fudge cookies would be really good too!)
My cookies were really warm, so with a knife they came apart really easily.
  So I took the oreos and pulled them apart.  And I had a hard time because I am Oreo impaired.  So I used a knife to sort of cut the one wafer off.  I will keep these plain Oreo halves as I have some plans for them.  But you could also save them for making a crust for a cheesecake or whatever.

I got 15 Reese sandwiches out of one bag of Oreos.
  Then I did what I was told on Cookies and Cups and sandwiched the Reese cup, which I had unwrapped, in between two of the Oreo halves.  Then I put them in the fridge while I tidied up, just to let them set up a bit.

  I used candy melts of coarse because I love how easy they are to work with.  I think you could use holiday colours and it would be so neat.  But I'm too lazy for that.  Anyway melt your chocolate and then dip the cookie thingies and put them on wax paper to dry.
I let them dry before I decorated them.
  Now to decorate you could dip a cookie then put the decorations on, but that seems like it would slow me down.  So I dipped them all, then put on the fondant decorations.  I used a small plastic bottle to put dots of melted chocolate on the cookie and then placed the decorations.  And voila, there you have it.
Very festive, and they are big so you won't need many.
   I usually make nut free things for most things because hubby is allergic and then most schools and such do not want anything with nuts.  So if you are doing these, do not use the left over melted chocolate for anything else.  It is worth it to just toss it to be on the safe side.

  Now if you don't really have the time to make decorations, which I will totally understand, just use sprinkles.  Seriously that would have been a good idea, but you know I had to justify the fondant cutters.

  They were really good and I really like how cute they looked.

  So on top of this all I wanted to share our pictures with the Cake Boss.  We waited over 2 hours to meet him today.  My son made him a cookie and Buddy said he would be eating it on the bus after the show.  How sweet is that?  Anyway just wanted to add the pics to share. It was a rushed signing because there were hundreds of people.  But he was very nice and signed our books, shook our hands and thanked my son for the treats.  How fun!

Telling Buddy that he made the treats for him.

Buddy saying thank you for coming.

 Up next some super cute sugar cookies.

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