Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Tradition, The old boxed Gingerbread house

Just like every year!
   So every family has traditions, some are really cool and sentimental. Some are just dorky and some just make you wonder why, every year you bother.  (I'm looking at you Mom, buying fruit cake every year, that no one eats!)

  Anyway I started a small tradition with my son when he was 2 I think.  I would buy him one of those pre baked gingerbread houses and either Hubby or I would help him decorate it.  I really did not care what it looked like, or the fact that he ate a bunch of pre made icing.  it was fun and he was so proud of it.

  So every year we do some version of it.  One year my sister even got him an Easter one.  And my son and I then had this conversation, keep in mind he was like3 or 4.

Me: I really like your house, what are those two bunnies doing? (there were two jelly bean like bunnies)
Son: they are having Sexy Time. ( with a strait face, I kid you not!)
Me:....................( I mean really, what would you have said to that?)

  So thanks dear sister for turning my sweet little man into a "sexy time" talkin kid.  Wow that is the thing traditions are made of.
Pointing out the coconut snow.

  Anyway, back to Christmas.  I usually try to get the house kit on sale or with a coupon, you know because it never gets eaten and sits out for over a month.  I scored this year, I got this huge kit for $5.  Not too shabby people!

 So I like to clear off the dining room table as best I can, set out all the stuff that comes with the house and let my son get to work.  He usually likes me to put the icing on and he takes a swipe with his finger, licks said finger then puts on a candy.  Lather, rinse, repeat and by the time diner rolls around you have one sugar high kid. 

  This kit was really complex with a tree and men and everything.  Which is sort of cool, but stupid at the same time.  Why the heck I thought more things to put together was a good idea I will never know.  Oh well.
Can you see what he is going, eating icing that's what.

  Anyway my son went to town and was so proud of his house.  I laugh because he makes sure I know that it has to stay out until after Christmas and all the family has seen it.  My concession is I get to take a picture with him in front of it every year.  Goodness he is cute.  Well to me at least.

  Anyway, do you have any family traditions that you love?  Hate?  Wish your mom would stop getting that darn fruit cake?  Let me know, it's always neat to hear about new traditions.
Ready for Santa's approval.


Jennifer said...

That's a wonderful house! I usually buy one for my kids too but this year I found a cookie cutter kit for $10. It has all the shapes you need to make a full size house. I didn't know there was such a kit so I was excited when I saw it. I haven't tried it yet though. Maybe next weekend. We don't eat ours either but they make such a pretty decoration!

Unknown said...

You are a way better mom that me. We made them in college and I swore I would never do it again. Too much work. But, for $10 I would have gotten them too, then not used them. Let me know how it goes, it "might" give me hope to try next year. One tip, take a look at my printed cookie post to see how to hot cut the baked cookies to make sure the sides are perfect. Will help when you build it for sure.