Sunday, April 22, 2012

Smores On A Stick

I am so sorry that my pictures are horrible.  I used to at least try to get one nice picture.  But after 3 hours of dipping and wrapping these I was just done.
  I have been dreaming about these for a long long time! You all dream about sugary treats right?  Wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know!

  So I have had these on my  mind obviously, and that is because I have been obsessed with marshmallows ever since I first tried to make them a little while back.  Seriously, I think about all the ways I want to make them, and how I want to make lots of them.  So I finally did it.  I made some.  And I am so glad I did.  My pants, not so glad, they are getting a little mad at me.  Oh well, I can always get new pants right?

This is just the first pan,by the end my whole table was covered in icing sugar.
These are the two cutters I used, it is amazing how many more you get with the smaller cutter.  But I loved how big the big ones were, so much good stuff!
  So my motivation for these was simple, I wanted to make s'mores but I hated how messy they are and I knew that there was an easier way to do them.  And the very day before I made these I saw another blog where the person made these with store bought marshmallows.  So I knew it had to be good.

 To start out I made 3 batches of marshmallows. Yes I said 3!  My thinking was, if you are going to do it, do it right, and make enough to share.  I wanted some for both of my jobs, some for the trampoline place we are going to, some for the tutor and if I have some left over, some for me.  Okay who am I kidding, I ate myself silly before they were even dry. And I made these before my self imposed spending freeze.

  To make these I used the recipe from Martha Stewart that I posted about here. I really like this recipe because there are no eggs, and I am getting to the point where I can whip up a batch in half an hour.

If this picture was not so crappy you would be able to see the melted candy melts and the graham cracker crumbs.
  So I made three pans of them, let them dry over night then cut them out.  I have been wanting to make shape marshmallows for a while, but I hate the thought of all the waste, it's not like you can put the scraps together again. And there is only so much I can eat before I get sick. So I did squares, I just used two of my fondant cutters.  I made one pan with the large cutters, I got 24 out of it.  Then the little ones, well I got lots more, I think I got about 40-50 out of each pan.  And their were even a few scraps, so I just dunked them and ate them.  That gave me the idea that I so need to do a chocolate fondue with these home made marshmallows.  I so need to do that!
This is the lollipop stick, I had to hold it in the marshmallow for a few seconds to let the chocolate set and hold it.
  So I cut them all out and then melted my candy melts.  I also added some paraffin crystals as I didn't want too thick of a coating.  I figure thin was better, and I liked how it turned out.  I also wanted to add some graham crackers and could not decide how to do it. I thought a whole cracker would be too much to bite into, then I thought about just crushing them up, but then again, it would be chunky.  So I opted for ground graham crackers.  I just used my small blender to grind them up, if I was smart I would have gotten a box of the crumbs.

  I will never be accused of being too smart.

  Just so you know.
I ended up using a whole box of the crackers for this, I was surprised how much I used.

These were my first two, I was very happy how they turned out.
  So I started by dipping the lollipop sticks in chocolate then putting them into the marshmallow.  I found I had to hold it a few seconds or it would push back out, I figure the marshmallow is like a little sponge and you know, was too spongy to hold the stick.  Anyway after doing that I let it set for a minute then got to dipping.

Another amazing picture or my baby ones.
  I found the marshmallows very soft so I had to be gentle when dipping.  I would dip one, then tap off as much chocolate as I could, then press it into the cracker crumbs. Then onto the parchment paper to dry.  They worked out great!
This is my little army of Smore pops, and that was less than half of them.

These are the large ones, they were so good!

  I ended up running out of crackers and could not convince Pork Chop to go to the store with me.  He is now allowed to play at the park with his friends, so it is going to be harder to bribe him into the car.  What am I going to do when he is older and no longer wants to talk to me or be in pictures and you know be cute?  I may have to have another one, or get a puppy.  Either way.

Anyway, the sprinkle topped ones were great too, just not a smore like great. If that makes and sense at all.
I was too lazy to look for cute sprinkles, so I just took the only non holiday sprinkle I could find on the Wall O' Sprinkles.

  And of  course I just wrapped them up in lolli pop bags.  And I love that they stay nice and fresh as the chocolate keeps the marshmallow nice and soft. I will make these again for sure.
The one on the right, that is for me, the tiny ones, those are for everyone else.  I deserve the biggest!

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Erin said...

OH MY HELL! (can I say that on your blog??? Because this is so much more than a heck post!) DELISH!!!! I've never made marshmallows because they intimidate me. But these look heavenly. I would seriously eat them all. But 3 batches? Too funny. I usually double everything too and then thnk "what the heck was I thinking?" about half way through.

Murphy's Law said...

ooooo this is lookin soooo sinful. how can you go wrong with smores. even when they don't look good the taste alone makes you swoon. i can feel my hips expanding already.

Mary Ellen said...

3 batches?? Holy cow! 1 batch is work! Those are so cute. Perfect time of year. I wonder if you can roast them.... probably would melt the chocolate first though...

Connie Mercer said...

another great foody ppost!!! they look yummy!!!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

after all of your hard work, sue, you definitely deserve the big ones! LOL! that sounds wrong. :) these look super yummy and i am always amazed at your patience in cranking out these big batches.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Those look so good! S'mores rock. I can't wait for the season. :)

Pamela said...

Wow! Fabulous idea! They look so yummy and fun!!!! :)

Maria said...

Oh wow what an awesome idea!!!! This sounds so good, this would be such a fun treat for a party! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Paula said...

What a fun treat idea for kids of all ages :)

Linda Beeson said...

Oh wow! Someday I am going to make marshmallows!

Izzy Anderson said...

I can't tell you how much I love s'mores and how much I drooled over this blog post! Homemade marshmallows to boot. Heaven!

D's Paper Studio said...

This is so wrong at so many levels. LOL I have got to do this for the next family get-together. They look awesome. Thanks for sharing how. Thanks for the comment on D's Paper Studio today.

cookies and cups said...

This is so perfect! Thanks for linking them up!