Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Give Away- 101 Post

What post is complete without a picture of Pork Chop?

  Okay seriously this is my 101 post, which if you think about it is crazy.  I never thought that I would do so many things, or share so much personal stuff.  But I am so glad I have.  So many fun things have happened and this is like a personal journal almost.  And I some times look at my posts and think that things seem so long ago.  And it's nice, because I am so busy now, and my scrap booking has taken a back seat to life.  And here I get to share it all.  And the best part for me is the comments you all leave.

  I love reading the funny comments, the supportive comments, even the quick short ones, they all mean so much.  I love that all over the world others are reading about the times I almost killed Pork Chop, or the many many times I proved Hubby wrong.  And I hope to have many more times to share that too.  I mean that never gets old does it?  Well he may say different, but since he has never once left a comment, he gets no say!

  So just for a little fun I thought I would share a few of my favorite posts, a few of my most viewed and a few funnies.  So it is going to be like one of those TV episodes where they just do flash backs.  Because I totally think those are all about the writers being lazy and what not.  I am totally all about being lazy, you guys know that, so there is no way you have to pretend I am not being truthful about that. Because there are some things you can find out with blogger, and man I want to share that with you all.  And to top it all off, a tiny little give away.  Nothing big at all really, but it's cute and it makes me happy!  Also I am starting a two week vacation today, so that is worthy of a give away.  I mean time with my family will give me lots to write about, maybe not a lot of time to get to other blogs, but you know I will try.

 So without further ado, her are my most favorite posts.  And I also had big plans to put a picture here with each post, but then I forgot and we have to leave for our fun day out in like 10 minutes, so just click and see, you will not regret it.

The Wall O Sprinkles

Peppermint Patties

Cake Pops

The Yearly Gingerbread House

My Shopping Finds

Irish Cream Bunt Cake

  And then these are my top three posts according to blogger, which is kind of funny because for the longest time the second top one was not even baking related. Which gives me a kick, because I got to see my sewing on my blog page for the longest time.  I love that.

So in first place as of today:

#1 Toy Story Cake Pops!

#2 Cake Boss Black And White Cookies

#3 My Steam Punk Outfit

  Also,  I check out what people are googling and such when they come upon my blog.  And I cannot get to it now for some reason, which stinks.  But there were a few x rated things people tried to find, and they found me.  Which is sort of disturbing because they were not x rated in the fun way that  I would have hoped.  One of the terms that was found was "$&#% in a bag"  And I bet if I go back and look, I had to of written that some where right?  Or something like it.  So I have to try and remember that my mom reads this blog, some times, if she can find it that is.  So I should try to keep it clean.  Also my son may read it one day, then where will I be?  I don't have lot's of money for the therapy he will surly need.  So maybe I should put more x rated stuff and get some sponsors or something.  Yeah, that's it.  Sponsors.

  Anyway I want to say thanks again for you all readying and commenting on my silliness and what not.  So to do that, and to thank you for indulging me by reading my super long, self absorbed re run post.  I have a small give away.

  I found this cute purse note pad, that has cupcakes and a sparkly stone on it.  How can you beat that?  Well don't answer that, I know real diamonds and real cupcakes are better, but you know I am on a budget right?  Well I am..  I am also coveting a few Coach purses, so lets just pretend this is huge, okay?  Also I will throw in some super cute cupcake erasers, because that is how much I love you all.

This could be all yours!  I know lame, but I spend most of my money on butter and sugar it seems.

*** Give Away***

  So my little thank you give away includs a cupcake note pad and some cupcake erasers.  Which now that I type that out, seems really lame considering all the writing I just did, and you had to read it all.  Or if you were smart you just skipped down to this part and it will seem like a huge give away.  And then it's all good.  Also this is open to anyone, shipping may take longer if you live really far away, but you can still win.

  So the winner will be picked on July 16 at noon, Toronto time.  All you have to do to win is leave a comment.

 For an additional chance to win, become a follower, I like followers, makes me happy to know I am not alone in the world.  And I know that is overly dramatic, but that is how I do it, sorry. If you are already a follower I love you more than chocolate.  Well you are a close second, sorry.  But just leave a comment to let me know you already follow.

  And I will post the winner as soon as I can, because I am on vacation I promised Pork Chop I would not be on the computer too much.  If you can believe it I am hiding right now to post this so we can head out to start our vacation fun.  Today's fun trip?  The dentist.  Which I know is lame, but hey at least we are getting out of the house.


Crazy Southern Woman said...

I like to win! ;) Have a great vacation!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Yay, 101 posts! I'm so glad to have met you in blogland! And it's funny, I used to be a huge scrapbooker, sold Creative Memories and everything. And now? I can't remember the last time I did it. Funny! I want to win! Have a great vaca!

Erin said...

Yeah! 101 posts! Congrats! I am super glad you are blogging because I love to read your funny stories and get a chuckle out of them! And I love all your amazing creations. I wish we were neighbors so we could hang out (and eat, I mean make amazing things) =o)

Have a great vacation!!!

Erin said...

Am I a follower? Duh! Of course!!!

Paula said...

I'm not entering the giveaway. Just wanted to congratulate you on your 101st post and wish you much continued success with your baking and blogging ;)

Anonymous said...

I also find it really interesting what people find popular and what they are searching for. Some of the entries in my search bar have been... well interesting... to say the least. I can't remember a specific now, but there have been some weird ones.
My most popular post is also non-food related. It is my craft to make the fold and go organizer and has nothing to do with food!

Anonymous said...

just noticed your tag "hubby was wrong". I love it!