Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cake pops! a small treat for week 7 of the 12 weeks of cookies

Simple Cake Pops.
  This is sort of a tutorial and sort of a fun cake ball thing.  I am making Pokemon balls for a friends party but I have a few extra so I thought I would Christmas them up a little and they could be a good treat to make.

  So to start off I made the regular old cake ball mix.  I love and follow Bakerella, so check out her site for the real deal.  But here is how I do it.

  Start off with a cake, I usually make a box mix, because I actually really like the flavour.  Bake it up, cool it down then crumble it into your mixing bowl.  Add enough icing ( what ever flavour you like) and mix until it becomes like a dough.
Ready to roll, but an old picture because I forgot to take a new one.
  Now depending on how you plan to decorate your cake balls, you have many options on how to shape them.  My last post gave a lot of ideas, but for this I am just going to make them the normal size using a mini ice cream scoop.  I then roll the balls and chill them. 

  I melt candy melts in a glass bowl, taking them out every 30 second to stir, repeat until fully melted.  I then get set up with my candy sticks and my Styrofoam. 

I dip them all then let them dry,  this way if the coating cracks you can re dip them.

   I first dip the candy stick in the chocolate and then push it half way into the cake ball.  I let it set up a few second then fully dip the ball.  I twirl it around a bit to get the extra candy off, or else it will drip down.  Now I decided to do some simple sprinkles, but there is a lot you can do. Also, I just find it easier to let the balls dry, then decorate them.

 So I am going to use a plastic bottle filled with melted candy melts and do a little drizzle over the tops and then sprinkle on the sprinkles I like best.

Not sure if you can see it, but I brushed on some luster dust on the second from the left one.  Gives it a nice sheen.

  I know nothing impressive, but they really do taste great, and are easy to make. 

Here are the Pokemon balls I also made, I know not very festive.  But seasonal sprinkles really do help:)

Give it a try.


Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl said...

I love cake pops! These are just beautiful--so pretty with the luster dust! And aren't holiday sprinkles the best?!?

laurie said...

They are so cute!

Pamela said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! :)

Unknown said...

thanks all:)

Louanne said...

I love how these look! I have a gluten-free cake mix in the pantry that would be perfect for these.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I haven't made cake pops yet! These look great and Ilove the Pokemon ones :-)