Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love grocery shopping! And my two amazing finds.

My son with the Heart trophy.

  So this is a pointless post, but I just had to share to two amazing things I found at Wal mart.  I know stupid maybe, but I squealed like a girl ( which I am) really loudly in the store when I saw these.

  But first to make it worth while for you to be here, there is a super cute picture of my son from his hockey fun day today.  He had a skills competition and did really well.  I love how cute he is in his huge hockey jersey.  It was so big I had to put grommets in it so we could tie it up. So funny.

  Anyway, on to the two newest amazing things ever, or at least until I go shopping again.  I love the holidays because Wal mart always sets up their holiday section with all the special candy, and I could spend hours there.  So when I found this I seriously squealed.

You read that right, it is half a pound!  It is bigger than my hand people!
   I don't know what the heck I am going to do with it, I mean it is as big as a small plate, and I could never eat it all.  But, in the name of all that is holy I had to have it. Hubby just rolled his eyes, he just doesn't get it.  Why I married him, I'll never know.
And then the sky opened up and angels sang!
  Do you see that?  That right there is Chex Mix, you know, the cool party mix that all good bakers make for the holidays.  I have never, I mean never made this.  I have dreamed about it, and thought about it and really seriously looked at the Chex cereal, but never did it.  So when I saw this I was so excited.  It has to be good.

  I really think the stars aligned for me tonight, I think I may need to buy a lottery ticket.

  So thanks for indulging my silliness, and if you have any suggestions for what to do with that huge peanut butter cup, you let me know.  It could be like a contest, who has the coolest idea for the ginormous peanut butter cup.


Tam said...

send it to me. I WILL eat it all! LOL

Unknown said...

LOL Tam, I knew someone would ask:) It would cost a fortune to ship, so you will have to come here;p

Angie - Big Bears Wife said...

mmm I love Chex mix :)

oo and that Reeses Peanut butter cup is awesome! I saw a pack here that is 2 pounds! (each cup was 1 pound) holy moly haha, I'm thinking of getting it for hubby for Christmas haha

Unknown said...

What!!!! You girls in the USA are so luck, a whole pound! My little half pound candy feels so small now. I will need a picture of that full pound cup, seriously I cannot even imagine how huge that is! Thanks for sharing, you know this means a trip to the states is now needed!

Unknown said...
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