Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peppermint patties

Perfect patties.

  I wanted to share a new recipe this week, but I have been so busy and sort of sick, so I needed something easy.  One of the recipes I have mentioned before is peppermint patties.  I found them on I am Baker.  I think she got it from someone else, but all the info is in the link.  Also I joined a blog roll for the 12 weeks of Christmas cookies.  I hope it works, there are some really great ideas out there.

  I have made these no less than 5 times since, and each time I have made them differently.  I found that I don't measure the icing sugar, but I follow the other measurements fully.

  So here it is, strait from Amanda at I am baker, and here is the link, within her link to the recipe she uses.

Peppermint patties

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk*

  • 5 1/2 cups powdered sugar, sifted **

  • 1 tablespoon peppermint extract ***

  •  and chocolate to dip

    This is so easy,

    -mix the can of milk and the peppermint extract together
    -add icing sugar until the mix is like play doh
    See how thick it is, it gets hard for the mixer to keep going.  This is perfect.
    I made a double batch.
    -form the mix into any shape you like
    Make sure you line the sheet you put them on, they stick a lot.  I used my scoop and rolled them, they flatten out a bit on their own.
    -freeze for 30 minutes ( any longer and they will be too solid and may cause your chocolate to crack
    Only take a few out of the freezer at a time, they thaw out fast and are hard to dip when they are soft.
    -melt your chocolate and dip the shapes, then place on wax or parchment paper until dry
    You can leave them plain like this, they are just fine.
    -to garnish you can drizzle melted chocolate in any colour, or crush up some candy canes and sprinkle while the chocolate is still wet, or sprinkles.  Anything really
    My chocolate was not melted enough, it came out wiggly because of that.
    *I think the cans of condensed milk are a different size here in Canada
    **I don't sift the sugar, and I don't measure, I just add it until the mix is thick enough for me to roll and have it sort of hold it's shape
    *** make sure you use peppermint extract, I read a few people used regular mint, or spearmint and it tasted like toothpaste

      I love these.  I have made them many times and tried shaping them different ways.  I found I like them thicker with the chocolate thinner.  But you can do it many ways, such as:
    -roll balls then flatten them with the bottom of a cup to get classic patties
    -make the mix really thick and roll it out and use a cookie cutter, make sure to use lots of icing sugar to avoid sticking
    -and my favorite, use a cookie scoop and roll then shape the patties to be thick and rounded

    So good!


    April D said...

    I make candies every Christmas and would love to add these to the mix - thanks for sharing!

    Unknown said...

    Thanks:) They are so good and really easy, so a great addition:)

    Pamela said...

    Wow! They look awesome! I SO want one! :)

    Lauren's Latest said...

    Love peppermint patties! Yours look yummy!

    Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl said...

    I've been wanting to try homemade peppermint patties forever. These look great--I'm going to have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing these.

    Lynn said...

    I love peppermint patties-the drizzle on top looks pretty! Hope you're feeling better:@)

    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

    These look delicious! I love a good peppermint patty. I hope you're feeling better! Sick sucks.

    laurie said...

    These will make a nice addition to my Christmas goodies. I love mints!

    Jenn said...

    I am definitely going to try this recipe with my extra sweetened condensed milk. I have been loving peppermint patties lately, but I have never had homemade!